Can I use Google Translate to evangelize someone in Japanese?


I have a father in-law who happens to be Japanese. I don’t speak and understand Nippon. Do you suppose that the Google translate can help me in evangelizing this person,?

Does it really communicate the thought?

thank you.


Hi Roderick @K4M1

Thank you for your question! I am very encouraged by your heart to reach out to your father-in-law despite the language barrier.

I personally have never used Google translate when I share the gospel, so I am not sure if I am really qualified to talk about it, but my impression is that it helps convey 70-80% of what you want to communicate. It might be a little tricky when it comes to translating some Christian/theological terms so my recommendation is to guide them to resources provided in Japanese and use the Google translation to give additional explanations from your side.

I recently gave an evangelistic talk on “Is there a God?” and it is all in Japanese.

Ravi visited Japan in 2018 and preached on “Who Is God?” with a Japanese translator.

You can find more videos at RZIM Connect Japan Apologetics Community.

I hope it helps and may the Lord bless your conversations with your father-in-law!


thank you so much dear @Yutaro for your help. I consider it a lot and a giant step in this undertaking of mine. I believe you when it must be very tricky for online translation to convey the message of the Gospel.

Again, thank you(Domo arigato, tomadachi @Yutaro San)
Your materials may be enough to scratch the surface. May God empower you further and greater!