Can other religions lead to God

I recently had a conversation with a person about religion and Cristian, and the person mention that the all religions leads to God so it doesnt matter what your beliefs are as we all end up praying to one God. My responds was that she was right about one thing there is one God but not all religion can lead you to him. So the question is is that a proper respond and can other religions lead you to God.


I would say no within the context that you are asking the question. When we speak of religion we are speaking of a system of worship or faith and this worship is given to what the person believes is a higher power normally called God. Thus the purpose of a person’s religion is to lead them to be closer to the God of that religion. Unfortunately that God is not really God in that is spoken of in the Scriptures; it is a false god. Consequently the statement that All religions lead to god is better said All religions lead to a god.

However it should be noted here that God can use anything to draw someone closer to Him. God can use a person’s desire to draw close to God in another religion as the basis to reveal to that person who God is in reality. The testimonies of missionaries are replete with events where people who have never heard the Gospel came to the Lord almost immediately. Acts 10 is an example of this type of event concerning the household of Cornelius. The household of Cornelius the Centurion was filled with the Holy Spirit immediately upon hearing the Gospel from Peter. When Paul says I become all things to all men Paul means that he will use whatever belief system a person has to explain the Gospel as Paul did at the Acropolis. However this context is not what a non-believer is talking about when they say All religions lead to God.
Keep having your conversations. I know God uses them to draw people to Him


Reasonable Faith has an excellent video on this. But here’s the logic God gave me a few years back when He saved and healed me of 3 fatal illnesses overnight while I was a dying Jewish atheist who thought Jesus was fictional:

Absolute Truth Proof:
All claims of religion are claims of absolute truth. Including atheism.
Absolute Truth is exclusive.
It excludes that which is not absolutely true.
That there are differences between the claims means that only one can be absolutely true.

Which one? Where to start? Review them all if you want but God makes it easy to narrow our start:

I Am The Way, The Truth and The Life.
-John 14: 6

Either Jesus IS who He says He is or He is not. There is no in between. Find out.

Then I give some starting points for exploration, all extra-Biblical. The Case For Christ by Les Stroebel is good for thus apologetic approach I’ve found.


Hi @FPPieterse, it’s such a good question, and one that many people might raise.

Immediately, the quote of Jesus came to mind: I am THE way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me. I suppose people might ask why he has any right to claim this, and although Jesus was a good person, weren’t so many other religious leaders?

The following article addresses this issue well:

There is a dizzying array of options when it comes to religion, and the culture around us says that they are all equally valid. It seems absolutely bizarre to people that someone would say, “This one way is the truth and the only truth.”

The only other thought I had was along a different line. If you read C.S. Lewis’ autobiography, Surprised by Joy, he outlines his heavy infatuation with Norse mythology. He never held this myth and lore as his own beliefs, but they nevertheless filled a gaping hole in his life for something greater and more captivating that anything this life could offer. At first he thought it was exactly what Christianity couldn’t offer, which is why he found it so entrancing. Through his life, his enchantment with this other world paved the way for belief in a real God that more than fulfilled his hunger. So in this sense, another belief system opened up Lewis’ mind to something greater than the natural in the here and now. My point is, I suppose it’s possible for other religions to help a person realise there is something or someone greater than us. We have to trust that the person who earnestly seeks the truth will find the God of the Bible, through whatever route they embark on.

I think also of Nabeel Quereshi who described in his book Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, his honest and deep rooted search for the truth. He pursued Islam as faithfully and piously as he could, but ultimately, Islam didn’t bring answers that Qureshi was looking for. It was only through the gospel that he found the way, the truth and the life.

I find these stories fascinating and inspiring because they give me hope that no matter what path people take, Jesus will find a way to draw them to him. Ultimately, Jesus is the only way to the Father, which is why we must keep praying for our friends and trusting God to reveal his truth to them.


Hi all.
Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my question, all of your answers has been very helpful and interesting aswell. What I like most is how God can use all religions and situations to lead them to Christ. Also reminds me of a book that I have read called “I dared to call him Father”
I think also it’s interesting how alot of people of difrent religions and also some scientific people always refer to a god, but seem to not want to acknowledge God for who and what he really is. It like they believe in a higher power but don’t want to acknowledge God of the bible. Because they argue that the Bible is just a way of dictating how they are supposed to live there life’s.
But just another opertunity to teach them about the Gospel.
Also I like the idea of reading other religions cause it’s always helpful to understand how they think and believe and would be interesting to know how things ended up dividing into so many religions and into so many difrent dominions of the Christ church or early churches.
Thanks again and sorry for not mentioning anyone by name.


No religions leads to God but only a relationship with Jesus!