Can the Coronavirus Pandemic Show us Anything About God's Direction and Judgment?

Thank You Geson_Mercadal for your efforts on behalf of Christ Our Lord.
I am almost 60 years old and in my lifetime I cannot remember anything impacting the world as a whole as is this current viral pandemic the whole world is in the midst of .
It is my understanding that Spain is one of the countries particularly hard hit by the virus.
You mention that “students” in Spain have a tendency to remain in their parents homes until later in life.
Do you see this as being done primarily for selfish reasons or out of concern for the parents ?
Do you think this has in some way had an impact on Spain being particularly hard hit by the virus ?
It seems to me that in scripture God’s judgements are not always given with the same purpose in mind.
In some instances they are given for the pure purpose of dispensing judgement and nothing more, but more often are given with the duel purpose of ultimately providing blessing through restoration as well.
How do you see this pandemic in terms of God’s judgement /direction for the world ?
Do you think that there is a particularly human frailty God is seeking for the world to respond to through this pandemic ?
Even so we know that no matter what the experience we can be encouraged with the thought that Jesus knows and cares .
God Bless You +


Hello Michael! Yes, this is definitely a unique and strange moment. Not the first one like this in history, but certainly the first one that any people today can remember and also the first one that’s monitored and broadcaster around the world as things are now.

I made a comment about students not moving out. I am not sure it is neither for selfish reasons, nor for concern for the parents, but simply because that is how culture is here. Most students will study in the university where their from, or the closest one possible, and many of them will therefore stay at home. I always think these has consequences for family, society, church, etc.

You make an important question about the pandemic and God’s judgement. It is important because many people have it, either for themselves or as a criticism against religious views.

A short answer may have to be that we ought to be careful in speaking for God. And because of that, I am not sure we can ultimately assert with confidence if the coronavirus pandemic is God’s judgment on the world. Not unless He says so, but I don’t think we have any reliable indication of that. While it is true that there are instances in the Bible where God judges through similar events, this is always indicated and explained by Him. And it isn’t always the case that God’s judgment will come through such things, or that such things are indicated to be God’s judgment, even though as I have mentioned it isn’t stricly impossible.

In the New Testament, Jesus is asked at least three times similar questions, about whether a particular instance of suffering was caused by sin, for instance in John 9, with the blind man, or in Luke 13 with the incident at the tower in Siloam. In all those cases, Jesus answers that it is not the case that such suffering was caused because of sin by this person or their parents.

Again, I ought not to affirm to know God’s will 100%, but we can find some wisdom in those places.
That is not to say that, were it the case that it is not God’s judgment, God couldn’t bring something good out of it. In relationship to what you say, a famous quote by C.S. Lewis comes to mind:

“We can ignore even pleasure. But pain insists upon being attended to. God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains: it is his megaphone to rouse a deaf world.”

As a final thought here: People sometimes ask whether God could judge us by sending us a punishment, such as a pandemic. Apart from the aforementioned, I think it is important to remember who the God of the Bible is. I see Him more clearly in Jesus, and in Jesus I see a God who not only doesn’t send the punishment on us, but actually He takes the punishment for us. This is the good news of the gospel and it is a central fact of history and of the Bible. While I cannot assert 100% an answer to the original question, I can fully rely on this, and I can do it confidently because it is a clear teaching. In the most important moment of history, God does not send us a punishment, He takes the ultimate punishment so that we don’t have to go through it.

Thank you for your timely question,


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Thank You, Gerson_Mercadal ,
Still I have to wonder if what God allows to happen to the whole world means the same thing to everybody ?
Is it possible that one man’s judgement of blind frightful despair born of his own rebellious heart, is another man’s proffered joy in the midst of tribulation which can only come from the realized power of He who was able to give back the dead to his friends?
Same dreadful circumstance , two completely different perspectives?
For me I see nothing in Christ’s Word that we are allowed to escape going through the raging sea with the unbelieving, but we can hold fast in that terrible time to the unfailing promise that He will greet us safely on the shore.
In this moment, when it has never been more obvious to even a small child the masses of people hoarding as many of the world’s choicest goods as they can get ahold of, before their neighbor can, have the Words of Christ:
" For what shall a man be profited, if he shall gain the whole world,
and forfeit his life?" ( Matthew 16:26 )
: been more applicable ?
I can think of no other time in my life ?
Certainly when Jesus wept over the coming destruction of Jerusalem He was aware that there would be many of the once maimed, blind, at Siloam, He had restored & who believed in Him who would have to be present when that terrible day came to Jerusalem.
Did He presume them to be as helpless & hopeless as the rest when that terrible day came to Jerusalem?
I think I did fail to properly differentiate in my original question between the man who chooses the bear the crushing pandemic load completely alone apart from God, and the man who trusts in Him he has permitted to heal and soothe all these same sorrows by receiving Him as his own.
I agree with you that Christ bore our greatest punishment upon the cross , but for me I see the residual
benefit of His sacrifice being realized anew each day in each new sickness, heartbreak, loss, pandemic.
" Make friends by means of the mammon of unrighteousness" ( Luke 16:19)
God Bless You +

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