Can the law of attraction account for the suffering of so many people?

Hi Jose,

This weekend I was talking with a new friend at a kids’ birthday party (our kids were invited to be there, I was just the chaperone). One of the fathers shared with me that he believes in ‘the secret’ or ‘the law of attraction.’ As he explained it, the main idea seems to be, whatever you set your mind on, it will come to you.

I shared with him that I believed he was successful in life because of his intelligence and hard work ethic, not because of a law of attraction. As well, I shared that I believed there was too much suffering in this world for the law of attraction to hold true. What about the homeless, the imprisoned, those suffering from medical problems? This seemed to give him food for thought and at least momentarily reconsider his beliefs.

However, I was wondering how you might have approached this situation. In advance, thank you for any guidance.


That’s a great response, Carson. I would have taken a similar approach. I would have, however, begun by agreeing with his idea of ‘attraction’ as quickly qualified it by adding that we tend to attract ‘like minded people’ who pursue, and/ or indulge, even acquire similar things. That is a sociological phenomenon. I would have then transitioned to challenging the ‘attraction’ idea by asking what he thought would happen if my idea of success was contingent on his failure, and vice-versa? How would ‘attraction’ work? And for who? And finally move to your point, people trapped in poverty most certainly don’t ‘want’ to be poor!

Hope this helps.

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