Can You Help Me Find the Ravi Video?

Hi RZIM family… I was listening to a Ravi video a few years ago that had a significant impact on me. Have been through my notes and can’t find! In the video Ravi explains why God told Adam & Eve not to eat from the tree of good and evil. His summation was this was God saying to mankind only He can truly define good and evil and we should live that up to Him.

Hoping someone can assist with locating this terrific video! Thank you in advance. Paul D.


Paul, do you think the video came from one of the Academy courses, or was it a YouTube video? Are you quite certain it was a video, or could it have been a podcast such as Let My People Think? I’ll see what I can figure out. Every clue you can give is helpful.

@pdangelmajer Hi Paul, I think this audio clip captures the core of the content you are recalling—

But I couldn’t find a video highlighting this aspect of his thought, though I recall the content you have in mind—about the act of rebellion in the Garden being humanity’s rejection of God’s definition of good and evil…and that we have been trying to redefine it for ourselves ever since. He starts to talk about that in an interview here, but he doesn’t quite unpack it because it is just part of his response to a broader question. The good news is that if you just keep watching Ravi videos, it will eventually come up;)


You could check into the message “The Mystery of Evil and the Miracle of Life, Part 1.” This link is for the Let My People Think podcast, but the message is also available on YouTube. In the podcast, Ravi started talking about Adam and Eve shortly before the 17-minute mark, and around the 19-minute mark, he defined wickedness.

Wickedness is governing your life by a starting point of a lie that you can define good and evil apart from God.

I don’t think this podcast covers why God told Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit, so it might not be the message you have in mind, but there’s a chance one of the YouTube videos of the message has more about the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Some of the videos are longer than the podcast.


@pdangelmajer you can go this link below and check the video. God’s Will

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@Jennifer_Wilkinson, @Lizibeth, @Rhans

JenniFear, Lizbeth and Rhans,

Sincere thanks for your replies! All of them fortified the exact Ravi message I was seeking. I was in search of this topic of good and evil to share with my son, daughter and her boyfriend. All are looking for better answers for what is going on in the world today. With your participation and the brilliance of Ravi Zacharias I was able to get this accomplished. Jennifer, yours was the specific video I was looking for! Rhans I’ve never seen the video you linked so I’m thankful. Lizbeth, yours sharpened the iron as well. Again, thank you all! Paul