Can you offer any advice or resources on John 17?

Hello Daniel,

I am co-leading a Men’s Ministry, and would like to discuss with them John 17, generally known as the Farewell Prayer, or the High Priestly Prayer. Can you suggest some useful reference materials, or even your own insight, that could assist me?

Thank You!


.Dear Kirk,

That’s a great prayer to discuss. “The Assurance of our Salvation” by Martyn Llyod Jones is an excellent resource.

However, I would like to throw in my two (three) pence.

First, Jesus’ prayer must be set against the Jewish tradition of Yom Kippur. This is when the High Priest makes expiation for himself and for the rest of Israel before the sacrifice is made. Here we see Jesus simultaneously taking on the role of the High Priest and the sacrifice when he prays for the apostles, and for us future believers.

Second, It is interesting to follow how Jesus’ request to be glorified begins with Judas’ betrayal, Peter’s denial, insults and the cross. Yet, Jesus’ obedience driven by love unpacks the mystery and reality of the glorious resurrection. He is glorified through his supreme act of love and obedience. This encourages us to hope in the fact that our obedience, albeit often causing pain if done as an act of love eventually results in something glorious.

Finally, the prayer is to point to the manifestation of God’s presence in our midst. His presence in our midst also sanctifies us and in the process, we reflect his presence by the things we love and the love that we share with each other. This consecration is our testimony (John 17:16-19).
When we consecrate something it symbolises that it has been made ready for some spiritual use. Now that we have been consecrated by Christ we need to be ready to be used for his purposes.

I’m sure as you unpack this text, together as men, you will glean a lot more than this. I really do hope you enjoy your time of reflection.


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