Can you please explain dark energy and dark matter?


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Hello Hugh, I apologize for asking another question but this is such a great opportunity to learn from you. I was wondering if you could explain a little on dark energy and dark matter. Is this an area that is settled in the scientific community - that no one can explain its existence - and it’s a good place for us to point to the Creator-Designer in our encounters with unbelievers? Thank you.

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Great questions. I have written about dark energy and dark matter in my book, Why the Universe Is the Way It Is. The very latest will appear in the 4th edition of The Creator and the Cosmos due to be released in February or March. What is beyond scientific dispute is that dark energy makes up about 73% of all the stuff of the universe and dark matter comprises about 23%. That leaves just 4.4% for ordinary matter and only 0.27% for the visible matter composed of galaxies, stars, and planets. My review of the best evidences sustaining that dark energy is the dominant component of the universe appears here: Reasons To Believe : RTB’s Dark Energy Articles

What is still under investigation is what makes up dark energy and dark matter. An open question is whether dark energy is best describe by one constant (the cosmological constant) or multiple constants. So far, the only dark matter particles that have been discovered are neutrinos. However, they make up just a small percentage of dark matter. Astronomers have some evidence but not yet compelling evidence that axions make up the majority of dark energy.

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