Can you provide me a list of churches in the Chicago area that teach exegetical scripture from the pulpit?

I recently asked a question to the genl forum on this site which recd no answer. This is the question: “Can anyone provide me a list of churches in the Chicago area that teach exegetical scripture from the pulpit? I have visited many churches who claim they teach this way but fall miserably short. Pastors with little to no biblical training to mega churches who teach topically and take scripture completely out of context. I am feeling very discouraged. I am not looking for the perfect church. I am looking for a community who values and teaches the complexities and simplicities of scripture along with kingdom living spoken so often by Jesus. I have written professors at the major Christian colleges for advise and have been disappointed and surprised they were not able to provide me any leads. Churches like Calvary Chapel Ontario, The Bible Project by Tim Mackie are a couple of examples of the teaching I long for. I can get this teaching online but I long for a church community I can connect with. Please help!”

The lack of response to this question perplexes me. Am I asking the wrong question? Does the type of church we attend really not matter as long as we attend? Do we as believers have common standards when it comes to the quality of the type of preaching from our churches? Should pastors have a minumum level of education in both scripture and pastoring?

Dear Abby

Thanks for your question. I’m sorry that you haven’t had much uptake in response.
Unfortunately, as someone who grew up in Ireland and has never been to Chicago, I fear that I am not going to be much help to you. I think you are right to look for a solid bible teaching church. It is certainly not all that you need to consider when finding a new church but, personally, good bible teaching would be a non-negotiable for me when joining a church. I have taken the liberty of asking your question to my colleague Sam Allberry who would be more familiar with Chicago churches. He mentioned Park Community Church and Trinity Church (Pastor David Helm), so perhaps these are some to consider? Sam also mentioned that The Gospel Coalition website have a “Church Finder” facility so it might be helpful to check this out and see what comes up in the Chicago area.
Hope this is useful.