Can you tell me more about the Defenders Apologetics Club you started at Grand Canyon University?

Good day Matt, can you please tell me more about this “club” - when I google it, it appears to be campus based.
How did you start it?
How did you attract members?
Is it still active?

Thank you


Hi Bill,

I started the Defenders apologetics club when I started attending Grand Canyon University in 2013. I heard about some other students who were interested in apologetics through a friend who was a professor at the school, so the first day of classes we met and brainstormed how we’d start the club. A few months later, we hosted my friend Nabeel Qureshi for an outreach event with 200 attendees as our first official club meeting! In the months that followed, we began to meet regularly and go through some of my father Mark Mittelberg’s apologetics books, and I would usually speak on the topics addressed in each of the chapters and lead discussions on them. We hosted other outreach events through the three years I was there at GCU, and I found that Christian students really enjoyed discussing apologetics topics and learning why they could be confident in their faith! The club is still active today, and I hope it will be for many years to come.