Carina Eksteen

Say hello… Good morning everyone! It is such a privilege to attend this conference with all of you - although it is 03:00 in the morning.

Where are you from? I am from Pretoria, South Africa

What led you to join Connect? I have discovered apologetics earlier this year and I am so enjoying to listen to all the excellent speakers via YouTube. It enriched my life tremendously. I have started to buy the books by Ravi en Vince, and have already identified the books that I want to buy next i.e. Ravi and Abdu.

How do you hope to participate? I will post a question if I have one


Welcome, @carina.eksteen - so good to meet you on Connect. I hope to have good conversations with you! My son spent a few months with some missionaries in South Africa years ago, and was able to share the gospel with many through his talent with “illusions”. He has wonderful memories from there.

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Dear James

It is so interesting to hear of people who did missionary work in South Africa. :hugs: we don’t see our country as a traditional ‘missionary field’ because around 80% of the people in SA see themselves as christians - but as you know seeing yourself as a christian and knowing Jesus may be two different things. That is why I found apologetics so helpful in talking about the Christian worldview - to get out of the traditional mindset of christianity.

Kind regards



Welcome Carina :sunflower:

It is lovely to have you join us on Connect. I am in awe of your ability to still be awake and coherent at 3am, as you attend the conference.

I praise God for your love of apologetics, I as well, started listening to everything I could from RZIM speakers on YouTube and found lectures from the Rzim where I could.

I have however, found a better way to absorb all the teaching I had availed myself to through the RZIM speakers, it is called the RZIM Academy.

I enrolled several years ago and started with the 12 week Core Model. I have posted a link :link: below if you wish to dive further into the knowledge & understanding of Christian Apologetics. :tulip: