Caroline Green intro

I am a farmers wife in rural Zambia.
My relationship with the Lord began more than 20 years ago and my hunger to learn more and understand the things of God expands all the time. I do a lot of research and learning online and through that came across Ravi Zacharias. I was thrilled to find I could do courses through the ministry and academy and completed the Core Module earlier this year.
I love to converse with like minded Believers and hope that I will be able to share some of my life lessons with others as well as learning from others at the same time.


Hi @carolinegreen, it is so nice to meet you! Welcome to connect :heart:What was your most profound lesson in the Core Module?
I trust you will find connect a very helpful, friendly environment to learn, grow and offer your thoughts and insight. Enjoy browsing and feel free to engage :pray:t3:


Hi Sig :slight_smile: Thank you! Its great to be here - I am excited.
The most profound lesson for me was in fact the Interview assignment. It taught me the wonderful art of listening, and learning to understand someone else’s perspective first without arguing them down and killing any hope of future dialogue. As a result I have established ongoing communications with at least four people who might otherwise have slammed the door shut never to speak of God with me again. Its been such an enriching experience :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard @carolinegreen. So awesome to hear your heart through your post. I loved the core module as well. And, the interview was such a great exercise for the very reason you reference. What a blessing to impact 4 different acquaintances though such a rudimentary but impactful assignment. I hope to read more of your posts and connect across this planet. God-bless you and your journey.


That was my favorite too and many others have said the same.


Hi Caroline. I am so happy to see that you are part of Connect and look forward to seeing some of your questions and comments. It will be great to interact on this forum.


Hi Sharon

Yes! Great to see you here too! Ivy has emailed me to put us in direct contact so I look forward to it very much :slight_smile:

I’m still trying to feel my way around the Connect site and I know that once I am confident and comfortable there will be many wonderful interactions.