Carolyn Freeman

Hello:) from Michigan, USA. I completed the Core Module and am hoping to re-watch the content and am currently unable to find it, can someone help me access it?


Welcome aboard @Freejoy7. I am from Michigan as well. East Lansing. Where do you hail from? Really glad that you have decided to connect with us. Love seeing Academy alum coming alongside us. The background and foundation that you have just in taking that course if nothing else is so helpful. So many here need responses to connect the mind to the heart. Looking forward to your posts and connections made here. God-bless you and your journey.

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Nice to meet you Carolyn!

I believe the Core Module content can be found by:

  1. Select the box on the top right with the 3 horizontal lines
  2. Select “Core Module Table of Contents” tab under “Categories”
  3. Select “Core Module: Table of Contents” (It has like a thumb tack icon) under “Topic”, that should lead you to a page that has all of the lectures.
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Welcome Carolyn,
Thanks for joining and completing the course. Feel free to engage whenever u can.

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Hello @Freejoy7! Welcome to the Connect Community. Congratulations on just completing the Core Module! Woohoo! :partying_face: Was there a particular lesson or thought you took away that was most helpful or interesting to you? :hibiscus:

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