Hi, I’m Casandra.

I’m active duty military so I’m from a lot of places, currently living in the DC area.

I just finished the Core Module and currently enrolled in the Humanity course.

Inhope to be able to share things the Lord has been showing me and revealing to me as well as learn from others in this group.


Hi @CK78, thank you so much for your service! Welcome to connect and congratulations on completing the Core Module. I trust you will find this forum a blessing as we engage with one another. Feel free to share what you have learned :pray:


Welcome aboard @CK78. How has the military been? So glad to have you connecting with us. Academy alums help out so well here. The foundations you have are so instrumental in the faith journey. And, sharing it with those here is a a blessing to this site. God-bless you and your journey. I look forward to reading your posts.

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Welcome to connect Casandra! I am about to finish the Core Module in two weeks! Looking forward to sharing with all of you about the Lord; and how to share our faith with others.


Hello casendra @CK78

You username sound like AK47 to me. Haha…
It is great to have another Alumni of RZIM Academy join us. I have great respect for the Military but some time we don’t know why they call us bloody Civilians while they are the ones on battle fronts. Just having fun… Hope that is OK

Hope you had a great session with the core module and hope you will plan to enroll for some more electives courses in the Academy.

With Jesus, the Commander of Heaven’s Army.
Grace and Kingdom Valor.

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Welcome, Cassandra @CK78 ! You’ll love it here. Connect is a wonderful hub of folks eager to learn and understand and help one another. I welcome your insight. God bless you, and thank you for serving our country :blue_heart::heart:.