Caston Makoni

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Hello Friends

I‘m from Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe, I joined RZIMConnect because of my desire to connect and learn from people in different parts of the world, to be blessed and be a blessing to many, after taking up an apologetics course with RZIM Academy I have grown an interest in platforms like these of learning and sharing what God is doing in my part of the world. I hope to be an active member of this community, asking question and giving my thoughts on different topics that will be coming through.

Looking forward to be learning from all of you.


(SeanO) #2

@casmakoni Welcome and so glad you have joined us! May you grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus through your time here and may Christ guide you into all truth. See you on the forums.

(Caston Makoni) #3

Thanks Sean, really appreciate it.

(Olivia Davis) #4

Hi Caston! It’s great to have you here. I do hope to hear about what God is doing in Zimbabwe – one of the best things about Connect is that we get a truly global first-hand perspective on how he’s moving! I look forward to learning more from you – it’s always great to get someone who’s eager to ask questions and share thoughts on all the great conversations found in the forum! Welcome to Connect :slight_smile:

(Lisa) #5

Hi Caston
Welcome to connect I hope God uses this platform to bless you abundantly and bless those around you. Its exciting to see another Zimbo.

I have a very broad question which might be difficult to answer so apologies in advance. I àm really curious to find out your thoughts on Zimbabwe’s religious views, I know a lot of pple profess to be Christ followers but whats your take on this notion, are they following the true Christ or they have developed their own version of Christianity?

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Hello Olivia

Thank you so much Olivia I really appreciate your warm welcome, I certainly do agree with you, Connect give us an amazing opportunity to hear first hand perspectives on how God is working in different parts of the world. I’ve no doubt this is going to be an amazing platform of learning. Many Blessings

(Caston Makoni) #7

Hello Lisa

I‘m very excited to meet a fellow Zimbo on this platform, its really encouraging to know there are fellow Zimbos on a quest for the truth of the Gospel, I’m looking forward to hear of how God has been using you.
As you have rightly indicated Lisa its not an easy question but however I‘m happy to share with you what my thoughts are on the subject matter.
While I believe there are many who are following Christ as true disciples of Jesus I also think there is a lot who have their own constract of Jesus and their own type of Christianity.
I think it‘s one of the biggest errors of our time, people confessing to be followers of Christ not because of Who he truly is, but because of what they want out of Him. So yes, I think it‘s something that has been characterising many people‘s views on Christianity in Zimbabwe. This makes our work all the more really as witnesses of our Lord Jesus Christ.
I would like to hear your observations as well Lisa.

(Lisa) #8


thank you for your helpful response, I have honestly been struggling with this issue and my thoughts are really similar to yours, of a nation that has suffered so much and will happily accept any promise of deliverance from God. I often do not know how to engage people who claim to know the gospel but when you talk to them you find that it’s a Jesus+ that they have come to accept and love

(Bryan Robinson) #9

Welcome @casmakoni

So glad to meet you! My wife and Ibare planning to go through the Academy soon. So glad to hear your experiences and look forward to talking more soon!

(Caston Makoni) #10

Hi Bryan
Glad to meet you too Bryan, I too am looking forward to hear more from you, and I hope you plans of going through RZIM Academy will go well, I promise you’ll not regret it. It gives you a solid foundation in Apologetics and evangelism.

(Caston Makoni) #11

Just to add another thought Lisa, I think if you are to listen to what is known as gospel music in Zimbabwe you’ll immediately understand the general theology that is in many. I know this may sound silly but I find music saying a lot about peoples theology.

(Billie Corbett) #12

Hi Caston,

Looking forward to hearing from you!

(Caston Makoni) #13

Hi Billie
Same here, looking forward to hearing from you too.