Catherine Emezie

Hi everyone

I’m a British Nigerian living in France. Mum of four and I work full time.

I heard Jo (Ask Away) mention connect today. I like to listen and draw inspiration from the RZIM speakers. Lately they’ve been such a blessing to my life and I also just completed the Core Module a couple of weeks ago.

I have so much hunger and love for the word of God. I’m also a lay minister (Reader) with the Anglican church. Funny enough my love for Jesus only dates back to 2011 after so much exposure to different churches all of a sudden this hunger and thirst for Jesus just wells up in me and I just want to dig deeper and deeper. RZIM is an answered prayer for me. I look forward to learning more and contributing my little to this forum.
God bless


You are definitely in the right place spiritually and with Connect. Not sure how you are able to find time to read all that’s on Connect and be a full time mum, but God will bless you for both. What you learn on Connect can equip you for your children’s spiritual growth as well. Keep hungering and thirsting for God. (Matt. 5:6)


Hello and Welcome Catherine @CathE

Am happy to connect with you. Hope you had a great session with the core module. What did you enjoy most about the core module? I hope you are looking forward to taking more electives with the Academy? It is so great to listen to Ask Way.

Am encourage by your deep hungers for Christ and for the Church. Be free to join the conversations.
Looking forward to learning more from you.
Grace and Love
From Nigeria

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Thanks so much Sharon for your warm welcome. I hope to follow the conversations as much as I can. It means a lot to me to hear what other Christians are pondering on through this RZIM forum. Especially in this day and age when people seem to be less and less interested in the Church.
Have a blessed day


Greetings John
How are you today?
It’s really difficult to pinpoint one thing I liked about the Core Module because every lecture stretched my thinking. I am so incredibly happy that God has his RZIM warriors at work. I found the course content intellectually stimulating yet it opened my eyes to just what this faith represents in many different areas/facets. I felt so nourished after it.
I had had a few conversations in the past that I couldn’t continue with because I couldn’t respond to the objections raised at the time -e.g., the OT wars sanctioned by God and also a friend who has 2 children born with debilitating diseases and a cancer sufferer who stopped believed in God etc. These were questions on my mind too - especially on suffering. I look forward to reading the threads.
God bless


Welcome @CathE, your introduction is inspiring, thank you! I have really come to love Ask Away and have been very blessed as well. Congratulations on completing the Core Module :slightly_smiling_face:
It is great that you have that hunger to dig deeper and I trust this forum will be the right place for that. Take care and enjoy browsing and engaging :pray:


Welcome aboard @CathE. Thanks for coming along side us. So glad you are here. I love when academy alums are joining. The foundation you have is so very important. Many need to read your posts. So, God bless you and your journey.


Hello Sig, thank you so much for your kind welcome. I feel truly blessed to be a part of this forum.
Blessings :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow, thanks so much Keldon. So incredibly grateful for your kind words.
God bless you and yours !


Hi Catherine,

I believe we did the core module together. I’m really looking forward to being a part of the dialogue with believers from around the world.

God bless,


Hello Art :smiley:
how nice to see you on the Forum.
welcome aboard!

It’s a great forum with a WEALTH of info. It warms my heart to see so much interest in the Christian faith from around the world.

God bless