(Sam Shinabarger) #1

Hello and nice to meet you all. I am from southern Indiana and look forward to the opportunity to connect with like-minded believers in the body of Christ. I discovered this app/site when I recently signed up for the conference that is upcoming at the Ravi Institute, which starts this Thursday actually. I thoroughly enjoy listening to Francis Chan- who will be present at the conference, and have learned much from his books; I love his intense passion for the Lord. I am a Chan fan, but more and most importantly- I fully desire and strive to be a Jesus follower. I have no special title or position in any church and was not raised in a Christian environment, but God has been faithful to find me, nonetheless. I hope to gain helpful information here, as well as give and receive support and encouragement to my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

(Heidi Mitchell) #2

A warm welcome to you Catherine @sam1115 !
Your topic says, Catherine…just checking I’m responding to the name you go by…(not Sam) Let me know if I have it right!
Great to see you here. Connect is a great place to explore our faith, as well as, grow more boldly in the truth.
No need to have any special position at a church, or raised in the faith…we are all a part of the body of Christ :slight_smile: So glad you found us!
I hope you enjoy the conference…I, too, am a Chan Fan! His passion is amazing.
Enjoy checking out this awesome community…feel free to ask and bring up questions/ offer your thoughts and opinions, as well!
Be blessed :slight_smile:

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(Sam Shinabarger) #3

Hi Heidi- and thank you!! My official name is Catherine, but I have always been called Sam- for some reason I was not able to put Sam down, so I just used Catherine- I go by either name, so it’s fine! I have never gone to anything like this before, so I am very excited!

(Sieglinde) #4

Thank you for the kind, heartfelt introduction. Welcome to connect❤️

(Daniel) #5

Hi, Sam. Welcome to Connect :smiley: How did you like the conference?

Connect is a good place for that. There are many helpful discussions and enriching contributions. Is there anything in particular you would like support or encouragement for? As a Chan fan you might be interested in this discussion: “Sharing the gospel in a view moments”

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(Roy Sujanto) #6

Hi Sam,

Glad to have you among us. Welcome.

Yeah, Chan is one of those rare breed of pastors who are so wise, and always speak to the heart, yet so humble.

May I know what’s your family’s worldview? I’m also raised in a non-Christian environment, my parents are Mahayana Buddhists. It’s always interesting to know where everyone comes from in life.

Look forward to hear more from you.

Blessings in Christ,

(Sam Shinabarger) #7

Hi Roy,
Nice to meet you-
My family just really didn’t have any kind of faith… they weren’t necessarily for or against anything. I really struggled in my childhood, pre-teen and teen years and I had gone to church some, though not much at all, and I just cried my heart out to Jesus so often!

(Sam Shinabarger) #8

Hi Dan,
Thank you and nice to meet you-
I did enjoy the conference, thank you.
There is, actually, something I have been seeking out, thinking about, praying about. Chan talks about it frequently, as a matter of fact…, and that is that I long to know Jesus much deeper- I just really want that deep, intimate relationship with Him… I want to be crazy about him- I pray about it, I tell Him my hearts desire… yet I don’t feel like I am making much progress in that direction.

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