"Catholic" miracles

What are your thoughts on miracles such as a bleeding eucharist or the miracle of the sun?

(Please forgive the possibly simplistic title, I personally heard about these things in association with catholic beliefs.)


@madeleineberning Good question :slight_smile: Here are a few thoughts that you hopefully find helpful.

  1. The bleeding eucharist is rooted in the idea of transubstantiation - that the bread and wine actually are literally the body and blood of Jesus. As Protestants, we do not believe in transubstantiation. We do believe that God’s Spirit is at work in a special way when we remember Christ’s sacrifice, but we believe the bread and wine are symbolic - they do not turn into anything. They just stay bread and wine. Therefore we would not even expect this type of miracle.

  2. Both Protestant and Catholic believers are known to report what I would call odd miracles - such as the miracle of the sun. I think the main thing is just to remember that our faith is not based on any miracle except the resurrection of Christ from the dead. So we do not need to know or believe in the veracity of any extra-Biblical miracles to be Christian. Even the Catholic church cautions against accepting every claim to the miraculous.