Caught God in action

Hello everyone, I’d just thought I’d share something really interesting. This wouldn’t fall under the usual catergory of discussion but I think God really showed me and encouraged me through this.

There’s this show in Korea called The Return Of Superman, it’s a programm following the lives of various children.
In one episode I was watching, the twins wanted a toy from the claw machine. To my surprise one of them exclaimed “Let’s hold our hands together and pray.” (Start from 4:30 of the video and turn on the subititles) From my knowledge they are Christians. Unfortunately, they didn’t get it which ended in a breakdown and one of them crying.

However, later on they found a lost phone and returned it to the man whom it belonged to. The man then bought them 2 toys from the claw machine instead of 1. I’ve watched this part multiple times but didn’t notice the connection until I read the comments.

It turned out God did answer their prayers, and in a better way as well. He looks out for his children, even with the simpliest things such as getting a toy. God taught them honesty as well as blessed their child liked faithfulness and bold prayers. Honestly, the children really touched me and I think I’m starting to realize and be encouraged by God’s love and faithfulness.

It’s rare to find or be able to see something so raw in action and I hope this encourages you too :blush: God sees and cares, he has amazing plans for our lives even if we can’t see it.


Hi, @Kiko :wave:

For me, it’s a very timely post you shared here. My 6-year old daughter asked her mom just the other day why God is not answering her prayer yet–she prays that her older sister, 8y/o, would be nicer to her😅

Of course I could have easily talked to her about the Yes-No-Wait response but I thought to find her some videos to watch pointing out these principles. This is just perfect :+1::+1:
Thanks for sharing :blush:


Adorable - thank you for sharing - I just watched the whole thing!


@DCGotiza That’s pretty cool, talking to children on their level is pretty effective!:+1:

@jlyons Thank you for waitching! It really is adorable😊