Ceilon S. Cryer

Hello! My name is Ceilon S. Cryer.

I am from Statesboro, Ga. I heard RZIM Connect while listening to my RZIM app and I have been listening to Dr. Ravi my whole life. I have always been interested in the intellectual arguement for displaying my faith. I also used to live a homosexual lifestyle which Jesus Christ called me out of and have a unique perspective on the thought-process of those who are enslaved to this type of sexual immorality and would like to strengthen my ability to share it with others.
I would like to also express my gratitude that a community like this exists for discussion. Having experienced the nature of college campuses in aquiring my Major is History at Georgia Southern University, I did not always get the chance to express my beliefs and views in a welcoming environment.
I’m so happy to be here! Thank you!


Hello Ceilon,
I live just up the mountain in WV, so glad to have your input and thoughts added to the forum. Praise the Lord for His deliverance, look forward to hearing from you feel free to jump in and enjoy.


I am not too far away from you in Atlanta! So glad you found your way here!


Nice to meet you Ceilon!


Hello Ceilon welcome to Connect!! Good to meet you.


Hello Ceilon and welcome to RZIM connect @Ceilon_Cryer with love you. Your testimony is so incredible. See what God can do. His transformation power and Grace. It is also great to know that RZIM has been a blessing to your life.

We must be able to fight the intellectual challenges of the Gospel in our generation, And trust that God’s glory be expressed in our conversation.

RZIM Connect is really the place to be meaningfully and spiritually engaged with all of your questions, testimonies and insightful contributions. Do join the conversation anytime. I am looking forward to reading your contributions.
With love, grace and peace
From Nigeria.


Welcome aboard @Ceilon_Cryer. Thank you for joining us at connect. Also thank you for your transparency and your desire to share. You will definitely be a blessing to this site. Please do share your perspective because so many have preconceived notions and prejudices which I believe can be allayed with heartfelt guidance. @Sam_Allberry has provided so much of that guidance and care to this site. I hope you have had a chance to read his posts or hear him speak. God-bless you and your journey.


Hi @Ceilon_Cryer, welcome to connect! I have already had the privilege of reading a very helpful response from you. I trust you will continue to bless people here with your unique perspective. Thank you for an inspiring introduction and thank you again for responding to my topic :pray:


Welcome Ceilon, glad you found connect. Apparently from @sig’s comment you are jumping right in, good job.


Good to have you here, Ceilon! I have a bit of background with homosexuality struggles and confusion myself, which Christ has long since “straightened out”.

And i have more recently gotten excited in the area of your major, especially the history of ancient Israel/Jews. It is beginning to look like the Exodus story is more truly historical than scholars have been trained to believe. Are you aware of that?

I look forward to your contributions here. :face_with_monocle:


It’s so nice to meet you, Dean! Christ definitely “straightened” out my confusion and struggles with homosexuality as well! I also am aware of some of the research revolved around the Exodus, however I have only just begun researching this topic recently so I only have a scratch-the-surface knowledge on it. One of the things I love about historical research, especially coupled with Archeology, is how it continues to prove the truth of Biblical narrative rather than disprove it. It is one of the reasons I pursued History in college, and continue to pursue it
I am certainly looking forward to getting to know as many people as I can here! I love intellectual discussions. Thank you for the warm welcome!


Yes, Ceilon, you seem like my/our kind of people. Wow, a Believer in Jesus and an intellectual! I thought “they” had decided there weren’t any such animals. :see_no_evil:

So, regarding history, especially of interest to Christians, is the series known as “Patterns of Evidence”. Have you seen any of that type of presentation yet?

The investigative reporter / documentary-maker is Timothy Mahoney. He has some great recent research on the Exodus, the Moses authorship of Torah, and a new one on the Red Sea miracle.

Also, have you heard about the meteorite that blew up above the Sodom and Gomorrah area about 3700 years ago? (Actual accepted science discovery – just happens to coincide with about the time of Abraham/Lot)

Exciting things are happening. Could be that Christ is giving us more evidence that His Word is true, just before He comes, to prepare more people to receive Him.

Keep me/us informed of any new advances along these lines that you come across, OK? Thanks in advance.

Hi, Ceilon,

Nice to meet you, welcome.
I would love to communicate with you on your deliverance from same sex behaviour. What a victory, God bless you.

I am involved in a study of gender alteration, particularly from the environmental/chemical/toxin/parasitical endocrine disruption angle for some persons, but I am aware of other factors as well.

What possibly could be done to aid affected folks in reorienting their attractions, from any Christianity compatible approach? This would spare them the necessity to be celibate as Sam Allberry has chosen, and which I agree with if the attractions do not reorient.

I would love to hear your story and what helped you. I dont know if you are willing to share at all, prefer to do so privately, or here on this forum.

I need to figure out how to send a private message.

Nice to meet you! I would love to share my testimony with you, and really with anyone! If you’d like, you could email me since I don’t know how to private message either. Would that be a good option for you?


Hello and welcome to Connect, Ceilon. I’m looking forward to your testimony. There is a special area for this Member Testimonies.
And here is a guide on how to write personal messages: