Centre of evangelism message

I am an evangelist and I am a little bit confused when it comes to the heart of the evangelistic message; is it “come as you are, give your heart to Jesus, you will be saved and Jesus will help you to change” or is it “repent from your evil ways, give your life to the Jesus, you will be saved and Jesus will help you to change”?

  1. Which of the two is better supported by the scriptures?
  2. Are they both correct? Or is one incorrect?

No confusion. I think repentance is the scripturally supported evangelical message. Jesus offers forgiveness and transformation to those who confess their sin. Your other example though is a tad equivocal because giving one’s heart to Jesus may very well be include repentance, so in that way they may be the same. Thanks for posting. Jesus knows our hearts.


Thank you very much Mr Scott for your response and for clarifying…I understand it now. I thought I might have been in an error because I had been preaching “come as you are” when doing open-air in the street. But now, after your response, when I look at the two closely, I see that they are the same…they are both about repentance and coming to Jesus.


Hi @Mlungisi1984,

I think we want to say that the gospel is good news in many ways. It is like a diamond - whatever direction you look at a diamond, it is still beautiful!

So the gospel is good news that though we are sinners, God’s love, through the death of Jesus on the cross in our place, is that we may be forgiven!

But the good news is also that, though we have all been committing sinful acts, we no longer need to do so! Through the power of the Spirit, we can be freed from a shameful lifestyle. By God’s grace, we can see the fruit of the Spirit manifested in our life: “love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.”

And there is more good news than this! We are adopted into God’s family… and on and on it goes.