Chad Smiley

I’m from Texas, and currently live in Northern California. I’ve been a follower of Jesus for roughly 6 years.

I decided to join this community after hearing about it on the RZIM radio (podcast). I have an insatiable hunger for meditating on God’s character, knowledge, wisdom, word, and gospel - and hope to grow here alongside fellow believers.

I also do work for Discourse (this forum’s software), and was thrilled to see that one of my most favorite ministries uses it for their online community.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to build relationships here and can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store!


Great to meet you on Connect, @smileypants707 - you’ve certainly found the perfect site for the things you’re wanting to do. I look forward to good conversations with you!


Thank you sir for your kind welcome :blush:


Welcome to the RZIM Community @smileypants707!

And thank you for what you do. It is also nice to meet a co-runner in the West! Dive in and explore the gems that glisten in the light of the One Who is the Truth!


Hello Chad. I’m not well versed on computers, and I’ve had my struggles with this wonderful site (which is my own lack of skill), however, I wanted to encourage you on your pursuit of God! It is THE greatest pursuit of all time. My hunger started ten years ago, and I started reading the Bible. This is my 5 th time through, and I get more every time I read it. That’s the Holy Spirit for sure! Wishing you the awareness of God’s presence every second of the day!


Amen Chad and welcome :pray: