Chapter 2 part 2

There is so much good stuff here, deep, contemplative stuff but the section on eternity impacted me most. I had to listen to the podcast to make the connection between eternity and justice. Once hearing the discussion they gave words to the many thoughts I’ve had on my husbands death and my suffering. I was angry that sickness took him, not angry at God, just angry at thIs broken world. It’s remembering this “time” we’re constrained by is only momentary that helps me on difficult days, knowing we’ll worship the King together again In the link of an eye. Knowing when time ceases, so will my grief and loss. And here’s the justice part- that day when time ceases will be the day justice is served. I had never thought of it this way before. I find it very comforting to imagine death standing trial and the Great Judge pronounces a death sentence on death! At this thought my anger gives way to joy and peace.
Thank you once again Shawn and Ivy.

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