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Chapter 4 part 2 take a way

This chapter has challenged me in so many ways, on so many levels, my head it truly spinning.

  1. Where am I growing closer to Jesus? I loved the discussion on the importance of seeking answers when we have questions or doubts. After the death of my husband I had many questions and refused for them to simply be rhetorical, I diligently sought answers, and am still seeking. RZIM has been my greatest resource in understanding the character of a God who suffers with me. The lessons I’m learning have grown me as a Christian like never before. The section on How we are loved And how do we love spoke to me. True love would include sharing the gospel and I want so much to share this new understanding of Gods character. How and when to share organically is slow growth for me, but it is happening. I’m easily stumped at every conversation and then later ask myself, “why didn’t I say this or that?” The growth is coming as I stop relying on my knowledge or memory or trying to quote from this book. The growth is learning to rely on the Holy Spirit, I mean Humbly realize my NEED of Him. Be slow to answer and quick to invite the HS into the conversation.
  2. Where do I see pluralism leaking in? Oh boy, I’ve been taking the Behind Every Question challenge, not with people of other world views but with each of my grandchildren, all who profess to be Christians. I’ve only done 3 of the 11 so far and I’m truly saddened that when I have a candid conversation with them asking the 4 questions on origin, morality, meaning, and destiny, they get very honest but their answers all mixed up with part Christian and part pluralism. I have much prayer going on for every opportunity to keep the conversations going.

Wow! Teri, everything you said resonates with my heart. I’m blessed by your commitment to seek God in the middle of immense pain. You set a great example for those of us who have not walked that road yet.

I haven’t suffered great loss, but I know someday that will come. What advice would you give me? Would you share with me more of what you’ve learned about the character of God?

I’ll be praying for your grandchildren. You are an amazing grandmother! By listening to them, you are demonstrating an aspect of God’s love they will never forget.

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