Charles here to introduce myself to this community

Hello to the RZIM community.

Where are you from?
I am from Calgary Alberta Canada.

What led you to join Connect?
To seek the Lord and discover where he wants me.

How do you hope to contribute?
Not sure what I have to contribute.
I have spent the greater part of my life running away from God.
When I became a Christian in my 20’s. I experienced what I assumed every believer experienced. It wasn’t until much later the I discovered that was not the case.
I had individuals in two different countries pray over me and told me God had a mighty ministry.
That scared the life out of me. At the time my marriage was dead and I was in the middle of an affair.
I thought how could God ever use me they obviously meant those words for someone else not me.
I ran away from God both from shame and guilt.
Now as I approach 70 I have no more fight left in me. I have surrendered to God and have humbly come to him to use me as he will. Not sure what that is but willing. Maybe he will reveal before I die what if any my ministry is.
I do know I need to be vulnerable and real. No more mask no more being tough I can do it on my own person.
I know I am nothing without my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The potter can take this shattered vessel and create something beautiful. Even if I don’t believe it or deserve his love and grace. I stand on faith to see what happens.


Hi @CharlesDavid,

You’ve already encouraged me. I appreciate your vulnerability and willingness to tell the story of how God kept pursuing you until you came home, humbled yourself, and made yourself available for his purposes. That in itself is the ‘secret’ and power of any ministry. I am grateful that you’ve joined Connect.

I trust this can be a community that encourages you to keep going in this direction and where you can add value to the conversations as we each seek to keep growing in Christ.

You have already given many of us hope that people who seem to be ‘too far’ from God may be just about ready to give up on their masks and surrender to Jesus.


Hi @CarsonWeitnauer,
Thank you for accepting me as I am.
I have discovered through my journey that I am never ‘too far’ from God.
Even when I was running away from God. He was still watching over me. It’s said hindsight is 20/20.
Well when I look over my past I see the Lord over and over again in my life.
So a person is never ever ‘too far’. A person is really running away from themself. It is impossible to run away from the Lord. He is always beside me even when I don’t want him.
His love is totally unconditional, something I never understood my whole life. I experienced it in my life even when I did not know what it was.


Hello @CharlesDavid, I hope you realize how blessed we are by your willingness to be vulnerable and honest :heart: Thank you for your authentic, heartfelt introduction. You are being used already, to minister to those who feel like giving up. Who feel they have messed up so bad that they cannot be used again. I can totally relate! God is not finished. I am so thankful you are here. Thank you again :pray:t3:


Welcome aboard @CharlesDavid. You are already ministering by sharing your story. I am so glad you know where the source of your honor, abundance, and salvation is derived. Your calling is do exactly what you are doing. Jump in. We are already praying for you. Look forward to what adventures the Lord will lead you to share in. Keep connected and post those adventures. He called you and made you with purpose. Grab hold and hang on. God-bless you and your journey.


So glad you are here, @CharlesDavid. You are already a blessing.
May He use us to encourage you, as well.
May He reveal what He has for you as you participate and continue to share Him in this community.


Hi there Charles :blush: @CharlesDavid
I’m just so glad you’ve joined!

Thanks for being an encouragement to us- as many here have already acknowledged.
See- you’re already in ministry!
People need to hear they are not too far gone to find His saving grace- and you’ve been there- and know how it feels to be in those shoes.
I’m excited for you, and how God is already using your story to reach others.

Enjoy checking things out- and let us know if you have any questions navigating the site!