Charles Lakos


I live in Adelaide, South Australia. I am a retired Computer Science lecturer. I have a wife, three adult kids and nine grandkids.

I recently attended the Oxford Summer School, having been motivated to attend by an ongoing interest in apologetics.

I am not in a hurry to contribute but I would be happy to share where relevant and have my ideas sharpened by the interaction.


Welcome Charles. I am impressed by your interest in apologetics and your motivation to learn new things. Recently I read some contributions to the talk of John Lennox:

As a computer expert, you might also be interested in this topic.
And maybe you have already seen that @Bronie and @NickvanRuth also come from Adelaide :smiley:


Hi, Charles,

I recently had a conversation with a man from Perth named Ben after he saw me reading the book The Atheist Who Didn’t Exist by Andy Bannister. Using the 3-4-5 model we talked through world views and he took exception to the assertion that all world views require faith and also that atheists had to defend their faith just as much as theists do. He was a thoughtful man who was proud of his Aussie heritage, as he spoke of independence and strength of character without the need of a god. What might your Oxford training have led you to share about the issue of faith applying to all worldviews?

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Sorry to say I have little to offer in response to your question/challenge. I am still trying to process the vast wealth of input that I received at the Summer School and am waiting to have access to the recordings of the talks so I can do that more thoroughly. There was a session on World Views but I didn’t attend it. It is not so much that I wasn’t interested but I was more interested in a parallel session on “Are we hard-wired to believe?”. For me, the big take-home messages so far are that I need to be better at asking questions (and slow to give answers), the mind-brain question can lead to thinking about personality and spirituality, and that narrow AI is already of significant concern while general AI is somewhat sci-fi and seems to tread a similar path to the Bible in considering the human and divine.

Hello @chuckle, welcome to connect. Enjoy browsing the various topics and engaging when you feel led to.
Take care :pray:

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Hi Charles Bronie Pearse from Adelaide here. Great to hear you are getting on board with the apologetics . For me Ravi and his team are up there with the best. Living down under you sometimes feel a bit left out of all the action. This forum is great for bouncing off ideas. The adjudicators are very well trained and helpful. I have only been really aware of all this wonderful material over the last 18!months . As there are no RZIM chapters / groups here in Adelaide I go along to s Reasonable Faith apologetics Group once a fortnight. They meet at Tabor College on Thursday nights. Check out the website under the name. Really friendly Christian group from a range of different Christian backgrounds. Run by different academics . We bring non Christians along who may be interested in the topics . Just thought I’d mention it. Cheers Bronie