Charles The inquiries man

Hi, my name is charles and I am here for community that doesn’t mind hard questions and difficult answers.

I question interpretation and practices but never with spite or malice. This is all for furthering our understanding of our relationship with God and I hope not to steer people away from that relationship but to press further onward.

God bless.


Thank YOU, Mr. Charles for your upfront honesty! I TOO have questions & what I should be doing here on earth to help build my mansion in heaven and if I should harbor guilt of any rewards that may be available to me!

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Nice to meet you Charles!

Welcome Charles to connect trust 2020 is going well. Have been here since September and have read many wise and intellectual questions and answers. All well done and respectful. Looking forward to your input and insight as we all see things from our own unique perspective. May God bring joy to your journey.


Welcome Charles! I think you’ll find Connect a good place for answers to hard questions. There is so much for us to learn from each other! Blessing to you as you learn and share alongside fellow believers. :blush:


Welcome aboard @God1stalways. I think you will find that connect is exactly as you describe. Thanks for joining us. Please participate as often as you are able. You will be helpful and a blessing to connect. Nothing wrong with challenging each other when done, as you describe, without spite or malice. God-bless you and your journey

Hello @God1stalways, welcome to connect. It is certainly necessary for us to press further in our relationship with God. I have gleaned a good deal from reading and thinking through some of the conversations here. Looking forward to your insight as you engage here :slightly_smiling_face:

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