(Charles Nick) #1

Nice to meet everyone on here! I’m from the Dayton, Ohio area. I’ve lived throughout the country, love aviation and am a musician.

I believe in RZIM’s mission and wanted to connect with others on this platform to further God’s mission of seeking the lost.

(Brittany Bowman) #2

Welcome to Connect, Charles! :smiley: Wonderful to have you join the Connect community. What instrument do you play?

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(Sieglinde) #3

Welcome @douvalis :heart: I was going to ask the same question @Brittany_Bowman1 asked. My husband plays bass guitar.

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(Charles Nick) #4

I usually sing lead vocals and play guitar; electric or acoustic. Sometimes I’ll sub on bass or drums.

(Daniel) #5

Hello Charles :slightly_smiling_face: I like your statement and your passion to find the lost. Many share this concern here. In these contributions it goes e.g. around the topic can apologetics convert people. God’s blessing

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