Cherry picking verses

(Lawrence Doss) #1

While the standard practice in hermenuetics and aplogetics is not to cherry pick verses do we as christians cherry pick what we want to follow and what we dont… for example… stoning people, chopping off peoples hands, etc…

But we need to follow things like - The ten commandments, tithing, etc…

(SeanO) #2

@LoveTheLord I think people do sometimes cherry pick verses or choose the interpretation of a verse that favors their view rather than critically examining it. We all must guard ourselves against this tendency.

But concerning the specific example you gave - of laws in the OT - it is not cherry picking. Here is an article and short excerpt from it that explains why we do not need to follow all of the OT laws. The gist of it - and I agree - is that there 3 types of law in the OT - ceremonial (laws for the priests and purification of the people), judicial/civil (for the earthly kingdom of Israel) and moral (laws based upon God’s nature and eternally binding). When Jesus’ died on the cross, He put an end to the ceremonial and judicial law - He is our High Priest and King - we live a new life by the Spirit and not by the letter of the law. Our purity is not through sacrifices of goats and bulls, but once and for all by the blood of the Son of God.

“There exists a three-fold division of the law — ceremonial, judicial/civil and moral. The civil and ceremonial law are no longer applicable to us today, while the moral law — which is not culturally contingent — is indeed universally binding.”

Was that helpful? Do you have any other examples that concern you?

May the Lord grant you wisdom in understanding this matter.

(Lawrence Doss) #3

Thank you so very much for this. I appreciate it. Would you by any chance have any links or reading to help classify which of these laws fall in ceremonial, judicial/civil and moral…
Where would Tithing fall ?

(SeanO) #4

I am not aware of a definitive list on which laws fall into which category. I think the best approach is when you are unsure of a certain law, look that particular law up in a commentary / article or discuss on Connect :slight_smile: I would personally place tithing under the ceremonial law since it was intended to pay the Levitical priests, who had no other source of income - though it may fall under civil/ceremonial. Here is a good article from the Gospel Coalition covering why we are not required to tithe as NT believers, but rather we are to give generously as the Spirit leads. There are those who would debate this matter, but my opinion is it is clear from Scripture this provision was for the Levites, as the author of the article argues.

(Lawrence Doss) #5

Thank you so very much… Honestly I would like to say that Tithing now makes a lot more sense than a tick in the tick box of do’s and dont’s and being legalistic about it.

(SeanO) #6

@LoveTheLord So true - we give from the overflow of God’s love for us as we love others and serve our Lord and King Jesus!