Childhood Born-again Believer not denying, but

1.2.2019 320P ET Post: Going to meet up with a family member who I prayed with when they were 10 years old to receive Jesus as a savior. At the time they knew when asked, Jesus was in their heart. They had a peace knowing Jesus forgave them of their sins. They expressed concerns about other family members. They thankfully had a joy unspeakable.

Now some 16 years later, they are still wonderful and loving…yet their Born-again Spirit has been wrecked a bit. They need revival. They don’t seem to need to go Church, fellowship, the Bible, and even prayer. Although I am not the Holy Spirit. God’s healing is evidenced in their heart. They had a father with emotional difficulties. They have been healed by much through knowing Jesus.

They work with children daily. But visit a bar a couple of times a week. They say, they don’t have a drinking problem. They do a little vaping on the side. Sent website articles. They just need to have some fun, they say. They can take care of it. We are praying for them. They are wonderful. But was we know, Jesus can only help us to “Live our best life.”

Not to go on, but I have even shared all medical evidence that I might have about Drinking and Vaping. They don’t seem to see the impact of these choices, neither did I when trapped in a web of satan’s lies. They have had a 2 week stomach ache and diarrhea. We have been praying for them. They are better, as of yesterday. No one drinks on a regular basis in the family. We have allergies and other simple autoimmune issues like Celliac and Rehinards.

Please pray for this Believer “M.” Thank you.

I will grab a bite with them today. Asking the LORD for guidance and direction, when to speak and when to be silent. I see God’s work in their life. Jesus has to be our reason for being or it is just stupid, fleeting.

May God deliver Christian and Messianic Believers from religiosity and compromise. Jesus sets us free, but how we desire things that are not lifegiving. As a Christian since my toddler years, I have faltered at times landing in the Shepherd’s hands. Healing me. Setting me back on the mountain and teaching me to climb or rest in His valleys.

Thank you.


@Mkibos, you touch our human struggle in saying, “Jesus sets us free, but how we desire things that are not lifegiving.” May we desire to be more like Jesus.


Hi @Mkibos, thanks for sharing. I totally feel your concern, having experienced something very similar with a family member of my own over the years. Firstly, this person in your life is so blessed to have you praying for them. This is the best thing you can do for them. Who knows what impact your prayers are having right now, even if you can’t see the immediate results. I don’t think we should underestimate the power of prayer. Praise God that He never lets us go, that He’s promised us His hope and His best (Jeremiah 29:11, Psalm 139). Sometimes these things are good for you to think on as the praying person as much as the person you’re concerned for.

My experience was that when I raised concerns with my family member about why their life choices weren’t the best, it just seemed to go in one ear and out the other. I actually think it did more harm than good to challenge them on smoking, drinking etc. What I have learned recently about handling these conversations is to start asking them questions about what they think, instead of telling them what I think. So maybe start to ask what they mean by ‘just needing to have some fun’. Maybe there’s something going on at a deeper level that they feel overly burdened by and are looking for an escape. Perhaps they’ve lost sight of who God is and they need to rediscover him. Don’t feel like you have to give them answers unless they ask. I certainly realised that sometimes the person just needs a space to start digging more deeply into their own beliefs without fear of being challenged. Other times, they want the challenge. I guess this is where you just need to be listening to the Holy Spirit.

It took years for my family member to become refilled with the Holy Spirit. When it happened, it was entirely due to God revealing himself in a new way. They first felt God’s love, felt a sense of belonging, got to know Him more deeply and only after that did the Holy Spirit work in their heart about the drinking and smoking.

Praying you’ll know God’s direction in this. I love your reference to when to speak and when to stay silent - I think that’s great that you’re asking God for that wisdom.



It’s tough to see a believer going through these things. As @artownsend mentioned, your relative may be experiencing something that is not obvious to others that is troubling them. And I also believe that if you don’t mention their unhealthy habits but just focus on coming alongside of them, being a good friend and loving them unconditionally, showering them with love as Christ does for us, could be a great encouragement to them. When revival comes they will want to quit smoking and drinking I think. And praying all the time is such a powerful thing. Your family member has a great ally in you. God bless you and your relative. I pray that revival comes. :heart:

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Amen. I listen first. I look to God for direction. Thanks for affirming Goda wonder working power through prayers. Isaiah 41.10 Be not dismayed. Will keep trusting, believing, and thanking the LORD. He alone is God.

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Thank you. His life. His purpose in their life alone. Will keep loving and praying.

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