Children and Worlviews

Hello Everyone!

I’ve had the beautiful opportunity of working with children in different capacities and contexts, the last 6-7 years. From mainstream academics to helping children innovate for real world problems, this journey has been helped me learn much about children from multiple perspectives.

I’m currently exploring a pet project on deepening my understanding about children and everything that leads them to form worldviews.

While this is just a baby step, I deeply desire to build methods and strategies that enable children to make more informed choices in what they believe through books, internet, pop culture, everything that possibly plays a role.

What I’m not doing in this project - is providing the ‘direct answers’ to children, rather equip them to judge the reliability of information that they absorb and enable them to ‘question and seek answers’ by themselves. So, hopefully this would help both Christian and Non-Christian children, more for the latter.

As first steps, there are 2 aspects I need help with -

  1. I’m looking to seek advice from someone who has scientific background wrt children. Developmental psychology and/or neuroscience would be great!

  2. Collecting EXISTING literature and contacts of people who have already done any work w.r.t children and worldviews from any discipline - epistemology, psychology, theology, all - ‘ ogies’ :slight_smile:

If you know someone who is passionate about children and would like to hop onto this project, please connect them with me. Its always a joy to have a companion, while on an adventure!

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