China and Iran amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Hi Everyone,

I’m sure most here have been keeping up with the spread of the Coronavirus over the past several weeks. Ravi and the team frequently mention how China and Iran have the two fastest growing populations of Believers in the world, and both countries seem to be getting the worst of the virus’ impact.
Has anyone (on the RZIM team or independently) heard word from inside either country about how folks are doing over there?

Thanks for the info!


Hello @HarrisonSloan thank you for your care for the church in China and Iran. I am living in China at the moment and although I attend a church for foreigners only, many of my friends are local believers here.

We are all in the same boat, in that we have stopped meeting on Sundays but keep connected through social media. I am in touch regularly with some of the churches in my city and as far as I know everybody is doing well and checking in on each other. There are a few unexpected illnesses I am aware of but nothing out of the ordinary.

I received a call yesterday from the Public Security Bureau checking on me and just seeing if we were in the city and if we were all doing well. I very much appreciated this. Let us all as the body of Christ seek to serve those around us as best we can during this challenging time :handshake:


Thanks for the update, @brianlalor. I’m glad to hear that things are going well in your circle over there. Know that there are tons of people on this side of the world praying for everyone over there. If you have any specific prayer requests, feel free to use this thread as a request-line!


Thank you brother. Opportunities to share and the boldness to do so :handshake:
Also an amazing testimony, the health issue I mentioned above required 100,000 RMB for surgery for a little girl. It was raised in 2 days, 75% of the money coming from local believers :facepunch: