Chris Bork

Hello all, I am from mid-Michigan and so glad to be able to be at the Global Apologetics Conference this year!

We have been listening to Ravi for many years, along with John Lennox, Michael Ramsden and then Abdu Murray. Ravi has had a great impact on us. I wanted to join to be part of a community of like minds, and strengthen my ability to critically think and present the Gospel to those in my community.

I would like to be able to participate in discussions of various types in the forums.

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Welcome @Chris_Bork!

Such great speakers! Here in Connect you will find all you’re searching for and more!


Hello Chris, welcome to connect, did you enjoy the Conference? If time would permit it would be a blessing to just set and listen all day to Q&A sessions that these men have at times. Please jump right in and share your questions.