Chris Duke

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I’m from rural Tennessee, about half way between Nashville and Knoxville just outside a small town called Livingston. I joined connect via an invitation after registering for the upcoming RZIM church leaders conference. I hope that I may contribute to the discussions based on what little knowledge I’ve accumulated and what God has revealed to me.

(Brittany Bowman) #2

Welcome to Connect, Chris. :smiley: It is wonderful to hear you will be attending the church leaders conference. It sounds like a real treat!

(Keldon Scott) #3

Welcome aboard @chrisduke1976. Glad to have you joining from Tennessee. What a gorgeous area you live. I got this spend a week in Crossville. When you get done with the conference let us know what impacted you the most. Thanks for joining, and may God-bless you and your journey.

(Kathleen) #4

Woohoo! Another Tennesseean! I’m from
Memphis, so it’s not as scenically beautiful, but I do love a trip across the state. I spent 4 years at UTK and now have a brother in Chattanooga. We’re glad you’ve joined us! Blessings to you as you participate in the church leaders’ conference. :slight_smile:

(Chris Duke) #5

Thank you. I ref middle and high school football and had a playoff game at Evangelical Christian School a few years ago. That game was the last time I was in Memphis.

Thanks again for the welcome and God bless you.

(Kathleen) #6

Oh my word, ECS… That is definitely my alma mater. What a small world! Who are you most looking forward to hearing speak this weekend?

(Chris Duke) #7

There’s so many great speakers scheduled, I really don’t know.

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