Chris L

I am from Tampa, Florida. I recently completed the Core Module at RZIM Acdemy.

I believe Connect is part of RZIM Academy Alumni, but not exactly sure.

I hope to contribute to Connect by first listening and contributing to conversation. I believe that it is imperative that those who profess to be Christians, become actively engaged in apologetics in order to faithfully and obediently be able to provide an answer or provide a defense to not only our faith, but to cultural disparities that do not align with the truth…


Hi @iraqvet03, welcome! I have a nephew who lives in the Spring Hill area not too far from Tampa :slightly_smiling_face:

I couldn’t agree more. Feel free to start a topic of discussion or offer your thoughts and insight to some of the many topics already posted.


@iraqvet03 Welcome, I just joined as well. Looking forward to a lot of good interaction, insight, and discussion here.


Hey Chris! @iraqvet03
I also learned about Connect after completing the Core Module-
Check out the options in the categories section (3 lines at the top)…might help you find your way around :slight_smile:

Once you check out the different forums and topics- you’ll see it feels similar to the forums in the Core Module. Super encouraging and friendly environment to learn and grow together.

It’s been a great experience and opportunity to continue that growth and learning we had in the course. (I’d love to take some of the electives, as well- you?)

I hope you’ll dive in once you check things out a bit!

Glad you’ve joined :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard @iraqvet03. Glad to see you have joined connect. Love having another academy alum come alongside us. I agree with the imperative you reference. What do you think you could do here in particular that would help that? And, what impacted you the most from the Core module?

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