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Hello my name is Christopher Medina, all but a few call me Chris for short, and for 3 and 1/2 years now I call Sacramento, California my home. I have 12 year old daughter, and am a newlywed of 5 months. My daughter and I are originally from Los Angeles, California. I lived in 4 of the 11 cities that make up the South Bay, for those whom are familiar with the Los Angeles area. I know, no one from Los Angeles seems to actually live in the actual city of Los Angeles.

A little about the my user name: I figure that with such a common first name that there is a high likelihood that there would/will be another Chris Medina on Connect, so I added my 1990’s early 2000’s Street Fighter arcade games (all versions) high score name - 313. 3 for the third letter and 13 for thirteenth letter of the alphabet, CM. Since then I have incorporated 3 and 13 in usernames and other identifiers, not only for the reason explained above, but because our Lord is triune, and while 13 is an unlucky number in the USA, it is the sum of Jesus and his twelve disciples.

I had grown up in a church, and my favorite Sunday school lesson was from Matthew, the story of Jesus telling Peter (then Simon) and Andrew, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” (Matthew 4:19). Fast forward about 5 years or so, now in my high school years, the temptation of the non-fearing world trapped me, and it did so for a good chunk of my life to date. During this time of my life I attended church on Sunday a handful of times. While at church these few times I would hear the preacher say things that I did not agree with/sit well with me, or hear the congregation gossiping about another member, and other things of this nature, so whether I was looking for an excuse not to attend church or I just happened to observe these situations, I found reasons not to attend. I still believed in the gospel, but I did not seek out a Christian community for fellowship.

When I moved up to Sacramento from Los Angeles, I moved up here to for a restart to my life. I spent my days off of work at coffee shops, redoing my resume, looking, and applying for jobs online, and in the down time from doing so I was looking online for music or educational videos online. In my searching I came across videos by a man named Nabeel Qureshi! I feel that I connected so much to Nabeel’s testimony because he needed facts to convert from Islam to Christianity, and I needed to hear the facts that Nabeel then preached on to bring me back to Christ. Nabeel did all of the heavy lifting for me. Watching Nabeel Qureshi’s online videos led me to another amazing human being, Ravi Zacharias! It was listening to Ravi Zacharias that led me to RZIM podcasts, and the advertisements on those podcasts led me here to Connect.

Recently I remembered that Sunday school lesson from 20 plus years ago, and I remembered how it made me feel a way that I never had before. At the time being a young immature boy I made a joke and laughed it off, but I when it recently came back to mind I figured out why I felt the way I did that morning when hearing that verse. It was the first time I experienced the Holy Spirit telling me that those words were meant for me to hear!

I have joined Connect in search of help. I have spent too long denying Christ as Peter did 3 times on that night nearly 2,000 years ago, and I want to resemble more the Peter that after Christ rose from the grave and appeared to His disciples went out to become that fisher of men.

I am asking for help from the Connect community to point me in the right direction of programs/classes in apologetics.

I look forward to connecting with others and rejoining a Christian community again.

Thank you in advance to all of my brothers and sisters in Christ in advance!

(Brittany Bowman) #2

Welcome to Connect, Chris! It is so wonderful to hear your testimony to the power of Christ and His pursuit of us. To add another parable, I am reminded of how Christ leaves the 99 sheep to pursue the 1 lost sheep- what a testimony of His love.

@SeanO and @CarsonWeitnauer may be aware of good resources for you to begin digging deeper!

(Keldon Scott) #3

Welcome aboard @ChrisMedina313. Glad you have joined connect. I have had similar experiences. I used the church hypocrisy as a reason not to attend in the past as well. But, similarly to you as well I surrendered in 2007 and have had a great ride since then. Thank you for your honesty and your enthusiasm. I would highly recommend taking the core module through the RZIM Academy. It is a program that you can do online and would certainly give you a firm foundation in the apologetics and answer many questions. I love hearing how the lives of Nabeel and Ravi have shaped your story, but more so the confidence, fervor, and desire the Holy Spirit has instilled. God-bless your journey and your life. Welcome!

(Sieglinde) #4

Wow! Thank you so much for this testimonial introduction.
God bless :pray:t3: And welcome:)

(Carson Weitnauer) #5

Hi @ChrisMedina313,

Thanks for joining - and doing an awesome introduction! It is SO important, as you mention, to have Christian community. That’s one of the things I love about Connect - we’re all ordinary people seeking to love and care for one another as we grow to maturity in Jesus.

As @Keldon_Scott mentioned, the best and most accessible class in apologetics is the RZIM Academy ( There are thousands of alumni from that program in Connect. We just celebrated the five year anniversary; this video will give you a great overview of its value:

I hope you’ll sign up for the Academy and participate in conversations in Connect. If you dig in a little bit each day, imagine how much more confident you will be in your faith in a year!