Chris Valdes

Hello, and a very warm greetings to all of my brothers and sisters in Christ. What a great freedom we securely have in common, and what a joy and honor it is to be able to share and grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord together.

I’m from Orlando Fl, where I live with my wife and three children

I was invited to join, as well as greatly encouraged throughout my experience as a student and recent graduate of RZIMs 12 week core module course to participate in the many conversations that took place throughout the length of the course, which I took online. The knowledge and the insights gained as a result of such participation is something every Christian would tremendously benifit from, and as such is something I consider to be on the level of necessity to continue being a part of.

I hope to be able to, in the Spirit of Ephesiains 4:29,
‘speak only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benifit those who listen’. My prayer is that my contribution will above all else cause Christ to be glorified, Gods word magnified, and our hearts and minds mutually enriched and edified by all that is spoken and dealt with. The area that I’m personally most strong in is dealing with the atheist/materialist worldviews and the ideologies common to and produced such belief systems, so I imagine I will remain most active in addressing concerns that relate to the ultimate truthfulness of Biblical revelation against the ultimate decietfulness and destructiveness of all ideologies ‘that exalt themselves against the knowledge of God’.


Hello and welcome Chris @ChrisforChrist1

So glad to receive you fresh from the Academy. We trust that you will be of great help to many around the world. I love your passion to see how those who had some how rejected God come to faith. It is always amazing seeing them do so.

How was the core module a blessing to you? Am not yet married and by implication, I don’t have children but I could see how excited you are about being a loving father and a faithful husband. Have a blessed family.

May the grace of the Lord Jesus be with you always.



Welcome @ChrisforChrist1, it’s a blessing to have you here. Connect can certainly use another member who is strong in answering tough questions. I appreciate your heart in wanting to build others up :heart:
I look forward to reading more from you as you offer your thoughts and insight into the conversations.


Welcome aboard @ChrisforChrist1. It is great to have another Academy alum come alongside us. Thank you for joining. The fundamentals that you have and your heart will be a blessing to this site. Please participate as often as you’re able. God-bless you and the your journey


Hello John and thank you for the warm welcome to the Connect community, what a special platform this is and I’m truly eager to be a part of Gods sovereign movement through this ministry. The core module was a powerfully encouraging experience and definitely caused me to break free from certain mindesets regarding evangelistic interactions. Ravi and the entire RZIM team has generated so much of an annointed impact on how I think and reason through and deal with the deeper questions regarding our great faith, and I’m grateful on multiple levels for him and his wisdom and the community gained from taking the courses.


Thank you Keldon! I look forward to growing alongside of everybody as we continue strengthening our minds through the gifts and talents of this global community, what a great place for that to happen. Your kindness and welcoming spirit is much appreciated brother, God bless and keep you Keldon


Thank you Sig, I appreciate you taking the time to welcome me, I look forward to hearing all of your insights and being edified by the conversations that we will be participating in. God bless and keep you Sig, thank you again