"Christian Apologetics" by D. Groothuis (book)

(Joshua Steele) #1

Hello Friends,

I will be taking an Intro to Apologetics course this fall, and the text book is Christian Apologetics by Douglas Groothuis.

My question is, has anyone else read this book, or are you familiar with this author? I have not heard of him before this.

Just looking for anything to anticipate or expect from my reading.

Thank you!


(Lakshmi Mehta) #2

I came across Douglas Groothius through some articles I read on bethinking.org and the link is below. I have found his articles useful in comparing Hinduism and Christianity. I was also recommended his books on New Age by RZIM Asia staff previously.

(Joshua Steele) #3

@Lakshmismehta, thank you for your response!
I will visit bethinking.org as soon as possible

Blessings to you,