Christian Denominations of the RZIM team

(Marie Grace Willett) #1

Hello Everyone,

I am a Roman Catholic. I did not grew up relying on God or attending church regularly.S trong spiritual role models were not part of my life. I did not begi asking questions until I turned 50. Additionally, I wanted to know about the Christian dominations that existed and how they differed from my own beliefs. I believe fitting into a particular domination has it pros and cons bc the voice of Jesus is often bent to fit into the domination.

My question is what are the dominations of members of the RZIM bc I feel my domination and some of the others I have researched may not be feeding my hunger for Jesus.

Thank you.

Marie Grace

(Rob) #2

Hello Marie Grace,

I came from a Catholic background as well and like you, i never felt fulfilled. With love and respect I would recommend listening to John MacArthur or R C Sproul as they define what the Catholic church teaches compared to what the bible says. I know how finally hearing the truth opened my eyes and changed my life by giving me peace and a hunger for Gods word. Others here may be able to assist you better here and i pray the holy spirit will guide you towards Gods fulfilling truth. God bless you in your journey.

(Kathleen) #3

Hello, @mariegrace! Thanks for you question. :slight_smile: As far as I know, as they are a part of a broad evangelical ministry, the RZIM team members worship and serve in a wide variety of local evangelical churches each Sunday. In that way, the organisation itself is unaffiliated with (or not tied to) a certain denomination.

(Tim Thompson) #4

@mariegrace, I would encourage you to focus less on the denomination and more on the local churches. Go and visit them. Talk with other believers in your community and get recommendations. Look for one that teaches from the Bible and challenges you to live it out. Look for one that has authentic community amongst those that are attending. Look for one having a positive impact on your community. Good luck in finding the right church family that can help you grow AND you can help others grow in as well.

(Marie Grace Willett) #5

Hi Rob,

Thank you for taking the time to answer my inquiry.

Here’s a little background regarding my journey to date. About ten years ago I began searching for a Catholic bible study group. I found none in the area. As the Lord would have it, I met a Lutheran woman who impressed me with her knowledge of the bible. I began attending the bible study at her church and also at an Episcopal church. Through that process I became cognizant of the fact that there were other denominations who were doing a lot more community outreach and ministry type work than I had previously experienced in the Catholic church. This impressed me greatly.

At about that same time I began listening to Rob Bell. Soon after I began listening to Joyce Meyer and Focus on the Family. After a short period of time I added RZIM, Steve Brown, John MacArthur, Alistair Begg, Charles Stanley, Pricillia Schirer, T.D.Jakes, Billy Graham, Mother Angelica, Johnette Benkovic Williams, John Hagee, David Jeremiah, Max Lucado, Fulton Sheen, Charles Swindoll, and several others whose names escape me at the moment to the list. I have also read some books written by these evangelists and authors.

Unfortunately, I have not listened extensively to R. C. Sproul but he has been on my “to listen to” list. Now he will move to the top of that list. :smiley:

Thank you for your suggestions and prayers. They are so needed and appreciated.

Many blessing to you as well.

Marie Grace

(Marie Grace Willett) #6

Hi Tim,

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my email. I agree with your conclusion that denomination is not as important as good solid Bible teaching and the impact on the community as modeled by Jesus and his followers.

I am looking to grow and help others. One of my goals for the new year is to take the RZIM Academy Core Course and I guess there’s no time like the present. I’ve put it off long enough.

Thanks again and many blessings to you.

Marie Grace

(Marie Grace Willett) #7

Hi Kathleen,

I wanted to know the different evangelical churches that the team members were associated with so that I could ascertain whether some of these churches were in my local area.

Thank you again for your help. It’s great being here!

Marie Grace

(Brian Weeks) #8

Hi Marie!

I read that you were considering taking the RZIM Core Module sometime this year. If so, I just wanted to make sure you didn’t miss the 25% off discount running right now that expires in less than two days.

Also, as someone who grew up Catholic and had very similar feelings as you do now, I second Rob’s commendation of R.C. Sproul. Ravi is quite open about his respect and admiration of R.C. and this, in part, influenced me to give him a hearing. In my experience, R.C. presents differing views with truth and respect and has had a profound impact on my Christian life.

(Kathleen) #9

Ah, I understand. :slight_smile: You mentioned you are in the W. NY area, aren’t you?

I think a search you could start with (on google or wherever) is for ‘evangelical’ churches in your area, as that is an adjective that can apply across denominational lines. I, myself, come from the Presbyterian tradition, and some of the evangelical branches of that denomination include the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA - Steve Brown and RC Sproul are/were leaders in this denomination), the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC), or the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC). There is also the Acts 29 network of churches (, which comes from a more Baptist tradition. I had a friend involved in a solid church in the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA). There are also evangelical threads in the Lutheran and Episcopal denominations…as well as the Catholic church itself!

Then, of course, there is the ‘non-denominational’ evangelical movement. (I know Alister Begg pastors a non-denom in Cleveland, and, as far as I am aware, the majority of the RZIM team members either in Boston or Atlanta go to non-denominational, evangelical churches.)

I know I am missing out a lot of others, but that’s where I would start, at least! Because, really, it will all depend on what’s around you. Each church will have it’s own history and style. Will be praying with you for this process! That you will find a place where you can grow and be encouraged/challenged, as well as serve and be an encouragement to others! :slight_smile:

(Marie Grace Willett) #10

Hi Brian

I’ve looked at my finances and will have to wait awhile. However, I am in the process of listening to R.C. Sproul on youtube. So far I eel I may have to listen to them more than once. I will also research some evangelical churches in my area.

Thank you so much.

Marie Grace

(Marie Grace Willett) #11

Thank you Kathleen! You have given me great ideas. There are many non-demoninational churches here that I have not researched.

God bless you.

Marie Grace

(Anna Jacob) #12

Hello Marie Grace

I was raised Catholic and began searching through various denominations, went to Bible college, served in various church ministries. I found all of them wanting in some way or another. I was in a church service one Saturday evening when the pastor said to the congregation, “I believe that the Holy Spirit says that someone here tonight has a word of knowledge for us.” I had the “word” but I was not a public speaker & so I refused to obey The Holy Spirit who was urging me like never before to walk to the front & tell the Church what He wanted me to say. The pastor kept calling for the person to come forward…minutes ticked past, suddenly a voice called out, “I have the word of knowledge”. I kid you not, I was gobsmacked because I knew I had the word! Anyway, the person proceeded to share what God had put in her heart, it was the exact same word I had - unity. It was one word - unity. God said to me, "My Church must be united. We must stop splitting into denominations, trying to be superior to one another. We must worship in spirit & Truth. God is not happy with denominations. He wants us to be united under Jesus Christ. This means living life according to what Jesus taught, not the man-made traditions & ceremonies but simply by how we relate to one another using Jesus’ Principles.

I learned two things: (1) God will bring about His Purpose even when I am disobedient. He will use someone else if I will not do as He asks. And (2), there is only one Church.

We must not compare, aspire to human popularity, or which important RZIM person worships where. We must purely just follow Jesus Christ in the sphere in which we are of influence.

I hope this helps you, Marie Grace.

Sincerely with the love of Jesus Christ,


(Stephen Lee) #13

Hi Marie Grace,
It is wonderful to hear that God is drawing you near. I grew up as Roman Catholic myself, I was an altar boy. My parents are still devoted Catholic who are very involved in the church. I always tell people that when I was Catholic, I never read bible regularly and lived my life carelessly with shallow touch with God.
I believe God works in each individual uniquely so just because I was raised in Catholic family may not help you for your journey in faith. But for me, being Catholic meant a lot of pride. I never wanted to belong any other denomination because I felt like being Catholic was superior than any other religion or denomination. Therefore in my journey along searching the truth, whenever a pastor has any criticism towards Catholic church or even letting a light shine on truth, I got turned off by it and be upset.
Obviously I was not ready.
When time passed and God worked me in through different resources or people. I read books like ‘Brother Lawrence’, ‘Spiritual Torrents by Jeanne Guyon’ and listening to Tim Keller, Ravi Z and many others. But the turning point of my life was when I was listening to a sermon on Mark 9:5 when Peter saw Jesus, Moses and Elijah discussing, he said he will put up three shelters. The bible read ‘he did not know what he was saying’ and Voice from cloud came ‘This is my son, whom I love. Listen to him’ and they didn’t see anyone except Jesus.
I believe the Holy Spirit works in you to find Jesus Christ in your life then the rest will be history. This is what happened to me.
God bless you and so happy that you have come to the right place for seeking truth.

(Marie Grace Willett) #14

Hi Steve,

I have to thank you for sharing your testimony with me. My experience of being raised a Catholic and consequently searching for the real truth parallals your own on several fronts.

I have read Brother Lawrence. It was probably one of the first books I read once a began my journey. I have downloaded Spiritual Torrents onto my computer and will be reading it shortly.

Thank you too for your encouagement. I have been extremely frustrated as I feel I am making so little progress toward a very important destination. But I realize that I shouldn’t speed through the journey and that unless it is guided by the Holy Spirit it will continue to be a source of frustration for me. Thank you for lightening the load that was weighing down heart and mind.

God bless you too Steve!

Marie Grace

(Marie Grace Willett) #15

Hi Liza,

Thank you for your very thought provoking message. I have taken a lot of it to heart and do very much agree with you that God will use us if we are listening and we are obedient and if not he will use others to accomplish his mission for our lives.

God bless you.

Marie Grace