Christian Hope

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I just finished listening to the RZIM Academy lecture from week 8 titled “Christian Hope”. I have never heard of the speaker, Tanya Walker, but I pray more people get to hear what she talks about. I wanted to post some really good quotes from the lecture. I also want to encourage anyone who has not thought seriously about the biblical understanding of Hope to start doing so soon. It is one of the things that makes us distinctive in a world that has sadly been lied to that hope either doesn’t exist or it is to be found in small disjointed doses. The hope of heaven and a future with Christ thereafter is what infuses all points of our life with meaning! Enjoy some of the quotes below:

The knowability of the God of the Bible, His true nature revealed in Scripture and in Christ is pivotal to
the rationality of Christian hope"

“If we allow our circumstances to dictate how we view God, we will quickly run aground”

paraphrase- we allow our broken circumstances to be fractured lens through which we see God. This should not be so as our perception of our circumstances is not even on solid ground"

“The intrinsic worth and equal value of every human being is a unique claim of the Christian faith”

“The cross and resurrection stand in the past as a guarantee for the future”

“We live in the reality of struggles with purpose, knowing our responses matter, expectantly looking for glimpses of glory breaking in on the present as we await the full dawn of the rule and reign of God.”


Hello, Michael! Thanks for sending along the encouragement. Tanya Walker is an absolute gem, and I’m glad you’ve now been able to experience her :100:-ness. :wink:

I wanted to ask what it was about this statement that spoke to you?

Advent is, indeed, a season of anticipation and hope, and I was wondering if this could spark some discussion around it. :slight_smile:

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P.S. I moved this post to member testimonies, as it’s more a testimonial/exhortation/reflection than a discussion post. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for doing that. I did not realize something like that existed. I really need to spend more time navigating. Ha-ha.

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I think there are several things that spoke the most to me about the statement. The first is that it speaks to the need for us to be able to know who God is for ourselves and have the discernment to be able to separate the Truth from the confusion or lies from the flesh/the enemy. It reminds me of what Tozer said in the Knowledge of the Holy “What we think of when we think about God is the most important thing about us”. Extrapolated out a few steps, her quote serves as a good reminder for being able to study and handle the word of God for ourselves so we can truly come to terms with who God is on our own; much like Job in Job 42:5.

Also, her comments remind me of the need for prayer as prayer is a great way to correct our thinking and emotions at times. Lastly, if we allow our circumstances to dictate anything than we will be focusing on all the wrong things.

I agree with what you said about Advent and would welcome the thoughts of others. I should have said that in my original post.

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Hello @Encourage-each-other-daily-313 Wow, these quotes are great- thank you so much for sharing them. :smiley: I so agree with you- Tanya Walker is a phenomenal teacher and I enjoyed lesson 8 greatly. What has been your favorite lesson so far? :pencil2: