Christians what to make of Halloween day?

(Stephen Lee) #1

First of all is halloween really a satanic event? I watched the testimonial of John Ramirez at Rev. David Wilkerson’s Time Square Church in New York where he warns people of all satanic activities such as tarot’s card, witchcraft and celebration of halloween.
Something we need to know from apologetic’s stand point to know the truth and then learn how to explain to other Christians.

So I am asking if anyone in the forum has credible sources or biblical resources about whether celebrating halloween day is really associated with satanic activities like going to psychics or reiki masters or witchcraft.

(Lakshmi Mehta) #2

@Steve, there was much discussion on this topic around Halloween time on Connect. Here’s one thread:

I came across another book called "Facts on Halloween " which I haven’t read yet but seems to be concise and well researched. You can glean some of the views from John Ankerberg’s website.

Hope this is a helpful start.

(Stephen Lee) #3

Thank you!!