Hello Connect! My name is Christin, I am from Georgia. I was led to join connect as a means to see other perspectives on various topics concerning theology, apologetics, and faith as a whole. I hope that in return, I can maybe provide a different perspective as well.


Hi Christin, welcome from the mountains of WV.
Glad you are here it is a wonderful community and fellowship of believers. Jump right in and share, would love to hear your testimony also.

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Welcome @thechristinjhill! Would that be Georgia the country or Georgia the state? Either way, glad you are here!

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Nice to meet you Christin!

Welcome to connect Christin! We are glad you have joined and hope you enjoy learning and sharing with fellow believers. :blush:

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Welcome aboard and merry Christmas @thechristinjhill. Glad to have you joining us here at connect. I trust that you will enjoy reading the various threads that many have engaged. God-bless you and your journey.

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Welcome @thechristinjhill, it’s nice to have you here. I look forward to reading some of your thoughts and insight. Feel free to share your perspective as we glean from one another :slightly_smiling_face: