Christine Mukherjee

Hi Everyone!

I am currently living in Singapore. I am a Born Again believer of Indian background. I hold an Australian passport and I am of Bengali background. I was an unwanted girl child and life was difficult but I found it easy to accept Jesus on my own.

I raised my children on my own in Australia in extremely difficult circumstances and my son too was saved at a tender age of 18. His life too got saved.

I think it was God’s desire that at this very point in time when Dr Ravi Zacharias was suffering that the Lord led me to join others to pray while he was ill. There was a deep stirring in my heart as I was further led to read about his ministry and today just after an hour long prayer I was again guided by a post of condolences by a dear friend of mine. I then just landed here.
I have ministry gifting of intercession, evangelism in marketplace ministry and got even ordained as a pastor by a Bishop in Lahore nearly ten years ago.

I am currently looking to find work in a powerful spirit filled ministry with International focus. At one time I was a serious student of Watchman NEE. I am currently studying the teachings of Mary Morissey and more so of Bob Proctor.

I am currently seeking God’s guidance for paid employment and would love to submit my resume if possible.

My deep thanks to all for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself.

Blessings and Warm Regards


Welcome to Connect, @Christine_Mukherjee! We’re glad you’ve joined us, and we pray that this community can be an encouragement to you as you journey with our God. :slight_smile:

If you’re curious about job opportunities with the ministry, I would encourage to keep checking the #employment-opportunities category, which is where HQ posts when positions become available.

Blessings to you!


Hi @Christine_Mukherjee, thank you for your beautiful introduction :pray:t3: I looked at your sweet smile and couldn’t imagine you being an “unwanted girl child.” I am thankful you found just how much you were/are wanted and valued by Christ Jesus :heart: :latin_cross:
It’s a pleasure to have you here and I look forward to your interaction :slightly_smiling_face:
Take care


Hi Kathleen

Thank you so much for your warm welcome. I believe it will give me much joy to mingle with God’s children in your ministry. I am very grateful that God has opened up this door for me at this time of the year.

It is also very close to Pentecost. Praying for an even more abundant downpour of His Spirit to fall on your ministry in Jesus name.

Warm Regards and Blessings in Christ


Hi Sieglinde

Thank you so much for your warm welcome. I am so grateful for being accepted in your community and would love to be part of this spiritually vibrant community of ardent believers of the supremacy of our Lord Jesus Christ. I believe this opportunity is a great blessing from the Lord.

I am 63 years old and life has been interesting and challenging to say the least. Jesus asked us to carry our Cross and follow him and that is what I have been doing all these years (Matthew 16:24-26). Not all of my photos look so happy! I just get up each morning and try my best for the day, depending on the Lord. My faith wavers and often I do things in my own strength and capability which has not been good for me in the long run. He then draws me back closer to me and guides me with love.

I have served the Lord as an evangelist and a missionary in my humble capacity with many sacrifices which the Lord alone empowered me to go through. While the road has often been lonely and rocky Jesus my Saviour has been my rock on whom I managed to stand all this while. By his grace and tender mercies he has kept me going and my desire is to complete my race nice and healthy fulfilling all my promises that I made to my family and most importantly to my Saviour.

I am so grateful to belong to such a loving and supportive community which was built up by the anointing of our late and beloved Brother, Ravi Zecharias. I acknowledge the great gift of his life to humanity as I enter this community with deep gratitude in my heart.

May the Lord continue to give us extraordinary mercies and favour in Jesus name, I pray…Amen.

I feel extremely blessed to be surrounded by such extraordinary friends exuding Christ’s love to one another.

Thank you all so much!

With love and blessings,

Ps Christine Mukherjee


Welcome aboard @Christine_Mukherjee. So glad to have you with us along with your gifts. I look forward to reading your posts. Thank you for your continued prayer too. God-bless you and your journey.


Hey Christine, What a wonderful testimony you have and your journey to finding the ultimate lover of your soul, Jesus Christ! May the Lord bless you as you seek to bring many others to Christ!


Hello Christine, Welcome to connect :slight_smile:

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Welcome Christine @Christine_Mukherjee. Welcome to RZIM Connect. Oh what an amazing testimony of faith and the gift of wonderful ministry. May you receive more grace and open doors to keep the pursuit for Christ even stronger. There are groups in connect that are well related with your vision e.g prayer, evangelism among others. Kindly dive into the conversation and share your insight with us. I am looking forward to reading your contributions and questions.
Do remain bless


Hi John

So grateful to receive such a heartfelt welcome from your end. The world is changing fast and while we are continuing to stay strong in our faith the Lord is most concerned about his children more than anything else. God wants His children stronger than ever and for that we have to call on the Holy Spirit to heal us more than we could have imagined before. Everyday is such a surprise as I wake up with gratitude. I am so grateful to be among believers who are into prayer and ministering to self first and then to others.

With blessings


Thanks Keldon for your warm welcome and encouragement. We are all spiritually gifted. We are all so gifted. These gifts are only at different levels aligned with our personalities.

In Christ our Lord and Saviour…