(Christine ) #1


I have recently returned to Virginia from Toronto Canada. Apologetics draws my interest keenly.

I was led to Connect through the website after listening to Ravi, who was a guest speaker at The Peoples Church in Toronto. Charles Price, our lead pastor, had invited many speakers from RZIM and I have been blessed immensely through following the teachings on the website.

I do not know how I can contribute, it is only by God’s will would I do so. I am excited to observe and engage as God deems so.

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi Christine,

Welcome! I trust this will be a great place to read, be encouraged, and grow. As you have questions or insights to share, I look forward to those as well!


(ThomasHeld) #3

Hi Christine,

Welcome - It’s great to meet you!

Don’t worry about that, you’ve already contributed :grin: God bless.