Christoph S

Good day everybody,

I’m so glad to be joining this community. I was not aware that anything like this exists in the depth of the internet. Currently, I struggle with the fact that the number and severity of my thoughts on philosophical and faith-related topics is so high that I cannot communicate them as much and as intensely as I would like, to my friends, family, and brothers and sisters in Christ at church. It blows my mind that there is a community for just this sort of thing. RZIM certainly is a blessing and gift from above.

I live close to Potsdam, Germany, which is where I attend church, and which is also where I grew up.

From January 2018 to March 2019 I was in Vancouver, Canada and there the Lord Jesus caught me and ripped me out of a life of 17 years of being a lukewarm christian. I always find it funny, realizing that I had to leave Germany and go to Canada first, to truly get to know Him, having professed just that for such a long time - without it being backed up by true obedience, faith, love and fruits of the spirit. I joined a spirit-filled, faithful, Christ-loving church in Vancouver and returned to Germany with a changed heart and life. I love how God works in unpredictable and unlikely, sometimes rather peculiar ways. Now I see community in Christ, as part of the body, so differently. I made friends while I was in North America and those friends pointed me toward beacons of the faith, like John Piper, John McArthur, RC Sproul, and so on. Because of that I started watching their work on Youtube, and, eventually, that brought me RZIM’s channel. I believe one of the first videos of Ravi Zacharias that I watched (and that I was blown away by), was his response to Atheistic Evolution. I am fascinated by the liveliness of the North American evangelical community and apologetics.

I would like to contribute with responses and participation in the online community, and I am excited to experience how the Lord works here.

Blessings to you all,



Ein herzliches Willkommen, Christoph! Nice to meet someone from Germany here :+1: Thank you for giving us an insight into your story.

I am so glad that you had such a good time in Vancouver and Jesus touched your heart. Here at Connect everyone is welcome with their questions. If you surf through the forums here, you will soon get an impression of the loving and friendly atmosphere that prevails here.
In the “Ask RZIM” area one RZIM member is available every week for questions (this week it’s Jacob Cheriyan’s turn). I wish you God’s blessing and look forward to hearing from you.


Welcome aboard @Thoughtful_Inquirer. Glad you have joined us. What a Grand Weaver testimony. He chases us doesn’t he? And, we are so glad you shared part of that divine intervention and conviction with us. This is a great community. Much care and growth. Participate as often as you are able. God-bless you and your journey.


Thanks a lot guys. I appreciate the warm welcome!


Wow, what a powerful introduction! Welcome @Thoughtful_Inquirer, so glad to have you here :pray:t3: After you dive in here a little, you might consider sharing your testimony in the “Member Testimonies” category. I believe it would minister to many of us here. Hope to see you around, engaging in the conversations.


Hi Christoph! @Thoughtful_Inquirer
So glad you’ve joined us :slight_smile:
This is such a great place to read and ask and think together.
I love your story- having been a Christian for all those years, yet coming to realize there is so much more to our faith… So happy for you!!
Exciting days for you as you explore all the ways God wants to use you in your newfound zeal and joy in the Lord.
Be blessed as you look around and see the many topics and conversations going on :slight_smile: