Christoph Stork

Hi! I am living in Cape Town, South Africa and lead a life group on “hard questions”. Ravi’s work impacted me profoundly and it continues brining me closer to Jesus. I just came across this Connect community and hope to learn from the community on issues we discuss in our live group.


Hi, @christoph.stork :wave:

Welcome to this community! We hope to be a blessing to you and your group through this platform. Many in this group will be waiting for your “hard questions”. I hope I could contribute in the discussion :slight_smile:

God bless!


Thank you very much Dennis.


You’re very much welcome, @christoph.stork☺️
Feel free to share your questions and many here will be more than happy to engage.
You can check the “Site Tutorial” category on the menu bar at the upper right :arrow_upper_right: corner of the screen to explore this platform’s potentials.
Happy exploring :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard @christoph.stork. Thank you for your contribution and I hope you enjoy the forum a great deal. What kind of question is are you taken on for hard questions? Has the course ministry on hard questions been a blessing? I hope you truly enjoy being here and feel free to encourage new members and engage in multiple conversations. God-bless you and your journey.


Dear Keldon:

We last discussed Abdu Murray’s book: Grand Central Questions for 6 weeks. Now we started a new series on Christian counseling. We started with suicide, will then move to addiction and then mental health. I came across this group after listing to Vincent and Jo’s podcast on suicide.

I find it tremendously enriching to Research topic and discussing in with with people from different backgrounds. Christoph


So good. Enjoy.

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Hi Christoph and welcome to Connect :slightly_smiling_face:. Nice to meet a Capetonian. I hope the various lockdowns are not being to harsh on you all? That is great to hear about the Life group that you are leading. I think apologetic material is often not represented as it should be within Christian circles. So good job! Glad to have you join the community and look forward to learning alongside you.