Chuck Lanning

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Thank you for allowing me to be here.

Where are you from?
I am from Syracuse, New York.

What led you to join Connect?
I am looking for support to help answer questions that are asked by my very intellectual son.
How do you hope to contribute?
By lending to conversations and topics that the Spirit gives me experience and wisdom to speak on.
Constant prayer for the lost and havi g Christ revealed to them.

(Sieglinde) #2

Hello @Lanningc so glad you joined. I am sure you will find very insightful information here to help when engaging in conversation with your son. Thank you for your heart for lost souls, God bless :heart:

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Welcome to Connect, Chuck. :smiley: Looking forward to learning more from you, and praying the Holy Spirit makes your conversations with your son fruitful. Love this thought- we need this community to be soaked in prayer,

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Hi Chuck! @Lanningc
I hope you find this community to be a great resource to answer your son’s questions.
Just curious…how old is your son?

I have kids, too-(they are elementary age) and my deepest desire is for them to have an authentic faith of their own.

I’ve learned that it’s okay for them to see us learning, too- if we don’t always have the answer ready- we can find it. And, often times, together… reading, listening to a podcast. Using the great advice and knowledge shared in the forums…
I hope you’ll find this place to be helpful and encouraging as you engage in talks with your son.
Be blessed :relaxed:

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Hi Chuck. We are kind of “neighbors”, I live in Schenectady, NY and both new to the boards. Welcome!
I think that your reasoning for joining up is great. Wonderful that your son is inquisitive and that you care so much that you would go an extra mile to formulate answers for him.

(Brian Fritz) #6

Chuck, This will be great place to discover resources and ponder questions upon questions. You will probably hear a few different answers. May I ask if you are a part of a fellowship or church that has a youth group and or youth leader? If you are connected in a smaller area or limited church resources, you will be the best source, biblically!
How old is your son in years and how old does he seem to be in his curiosity? Does he seem ahead of his peers? I’m an elementary school teacher, so you got my attention at the start! If you are following the directive in Deuteronomy 6:4, the Shema declaration that Jesus was taught and that he taught and that is still taught, then you’ve already been careful to teach the Bible precepts to your children. I will love to see some of those questions.

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Yes, we are involved in a local church. I believe that a portion of my son’s questioning comes from us leaving a church we were involved in and the circumstances surrounding our last encounters with the senoir and assoc. Pastors.

We are involved with youth heavily. My wife and I along with 2 other couples lead the youth group of about 20.

My son is 17. He is an ultra intravert. He is a deep thinker. School comes easy to him as far as work. He has OCD and some health issues.

He is a big techie. He seems to watch alot of youtube and takes what je hears as gospel.

He recently, last summer had a school friend pass in a 1 vehicle accident. That got him really thinking about why. One question I can remember is why would an otherwise “good” kid have this happen if God loves him? I dont know if the boy was a believer.

This also brought about another question. “If I committed a crime and was sent to prison, in the “fall” of man, why would God put my grandchildren and my grandchildrens grandchildren in prison for what I did and payed for?”

This is the question that removed all else from my path. I have no games on my phone, I have immersed myself into apologetics, and on the plus side, have hit my knees much more than ever.

I want to help my son, but feel helpless. This is where the spirit steps in.

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Thank you Heidi.

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(Brian Fritz) #9

“Committing a crime” is the condition of his assumption that all crimes are the same and no mercy exists if it is committed.
There are more than many verses in the Bible of the perfect mercy of God. The stories of Bible characters whose “crimes” falsely or justly assigned are better examples of our Sovereign ordering the steps of those who have trusted and following God. Examine the role Joseph and his accused crimes of attempted rape. Jumping to the end of the story and being 2nd in command of Egypt is too easy. Imagine the day by day existence he endured and survived every day he was removed from his father, his complex and dysfunctional family, although he had not committed a crime, he ended up in the pharaoh’s prison as a trustee for years. Let your imagination sit there -without indoor plumbing! He was innocent but was contained and restricted as a prisoner.
He did not endure condemnation forever. His dream and destiny had been delivered by God. Only one thing kept him ready… Hope in the God of his father and his father’s father. And his great grandfather.
He just trusted and endured daily and even flourished where he worked in the worst conditions. He did not live in condemnation nor did any of his children.
True Condemnation is not a place followers of God should expect to have to grapple with. Circumstantial bad times and events are not condemnation.

The enemy of our souls wants to write “condemnation” on the lives of people made in the image of God. Anyone who is moving toward right living -righteousness- will encounter condemnation from others. Jesus warned that if the people of his age hated him, they will hate his followers too.
Any time he sees or hears condemnation, it is not from the God that loves him.

I wish I had more to offer at this time, but I’m hanging out at DAL airport and this is the best my “elephant fingers” can type and endure!
Perhaps your son could plug into any youth related programs at RZIM? I’m only beginning to see some of what they are doing for building the kingdom of God. I know they have some youth events, but I don’t know what or how your son could benefit. If he is the age and level you explained, he could sign up himself and get direct input and concern directed to him since he is a techie and the web community is normal for him.