Church of America in Revelations

Can someone out there help me to understand what are all of the things “We the Church of America” take for granted that other churches worldwide has to struggle to get? Are we the Church of Laodicea?

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Jerry, welcome to Connect!

Love to talk about your questions, but hoping you can drill down a bit more on what you’re asking.
Can you flesh out what you mean by “We the Church of America”? Are you talking about all Christian denominations generally in America?

Can you give an example of something you already think the church may take for granted to get the conversation started? Or something that a church outside of America may be struggling with that America is not. Are you thinking of doctrinal or social issues or a combination?

As I look around at various churches in America, I see such a tapestry of beliefs and practices among the various Christian churches that I’m struggling with such a broad categorization. Curious what you see when you ponder the churches in America.

From your last question about Laodicea I’m guessing that you may be seeing something lacking in the church or areas that may need to be improved. Certainly, as one of the important purposes of the church is to be representative of our God, good questions to be thinking about; meaningful answers to be sought and examined.

Look forward to hearing more from you as we start this conversation.