Church Picnic on the Boston Commons

Tomorrow, church is having a Park Picnic. May the LORD protect us, anoint us, fill us with His Love and His words. Boston is a college-city, where the USA’s forefathers cried to God for salvation, direction, and wisdom. Bostonians have since forgotten the Lover of their Souls. The God who is the real Scientist and Merciful Savior.

In the USA people are having meltdowns. They need Yeshua the Messiah. The Savior before Adam and Eve. We are built to need a purpose and meaning to our lives. Only Yahweh Chayim. The living LORD God can satisfy our souls.

No money, education, position, or zip code. The lifeless political correctness god has left people bankrupt. They are afraid to be. New Englanders demand conformity. Loving Jesus and not following their ‘intelligent decisions’ is frowned upon.

May the LORD Jesus renew and refresh hearts, break the chains of hell and death over us, convict hearts, and save souls. Sure, it’s a picnic??? But what is the Holy Spirit’s desire, but to draw all people into Him. Cleanse hearts and reconcile us to Him.

Thanks for the prayers. I am a volunteer. Whatever God wants, I want. Lord, please protect and use us. Thank you.

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Thank you. Good attendance and God’s peace kept the event going. Prayed with people. Asked for prayer about my 2nd interview. Praise God!

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Hi Mashinkah!

I wish to say that although this event has long occurred (I’m new here :slight_smile: ) I see your burden for Boston/New England to once again turn to Christ. The fabric of this country is rapidly changing, and the Lord is calling His people to pray, go, and share the gospel of our precious Lord, Jesus the Messiah with any who have an ear. In much of this, we find ourselves seemingly alone (but He is with us!).

May the Lord guide & direct you on your path as You seek His will.

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