Church response to abortion

(Dean Schmucker) #1

Recently there was in the news a story about a baby surviving even though no bigger than an apple when born. Of course, at that stage, many babies are aborted. So I wandered, “why has the voice of the church been so weak that the abortion industry has been able to silence us?”
They control the narrative . . “A woman’s right”, not us. Why? What could we do differently?

(Kathleen) #3

Hi, Dean! Thanks for posing this question, and I very much appreciate you desire to stand up for the most vulnerable in our midst. These things are good to think about and analyse. However, I wonder if it’s helpful to try and lay blame (either its on a ‘weak’ church or on the abortion industry)? These situations can be rather complex and extremely delicate.

What are some of the alternative narratives you think the church needs to communicate?

(Brian Fritz) #4

If the world wanted to hear the truth about abortion, the debate would be over already. The hook that the destroyer has used all along to all humanity and offered to of us is that we are only accountable to ourselves and that we are our own gods. Deception is difficult to overcome. I’ve been in prolife activism for over 20 years and heard almost all of it. The common thread is human pride and dominion.

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(Dean Schmucker) #6

I believe abortion was the result of 1960s sexual revolution. It was a non issue before them. So if our prophetic voice can be directed at the root instead of the symptom, we might be more effective.