Church Suggestions: Atlanta, GA (North Fulton)

I do hope this is okay to post here! @CarsonWeitnauer please delete if not. My family will be moving to the Alpharetta/Johns Creek area in August FINALLY. The Lord put ATL on my heart three years ago, but it took my hubby a bit longer to “feel” the nudge :wink: The one thing I am really looking forward to upon moving is finding a new church family. The last year has been very difficult as the message is very diluted, slightly progressive. Our church family doesn’t understand our love for apologetics or the reason for our “intense” desire to go deep in His word :frowning: We are starving for solid teaching and community. Though I know nothing this side of heaven will be perfect, I would like to know if anyone could suggest places to visit? Thanks in advance!


Hi @Swest,

Welcome to north Fulton! There are many good churches in the area. If you’d like to join us at Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, GA, we have an evangelistic/apologetics class called “Ask Your Question” that meets at the 11am hour. It’d be great to have you join in!